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The sword was, indeed, an excellent one, a Swiftpoint Scaremaker with go-faster stripes and a handle shaped like a hammerhead shark.
  How to Be a Pirate  

The Swiftpoint Scaremaker is a type of sword that is mentioned in How to Be a Pirate.


The Swiftpoint Scaremaker appears to be a smaller, shorter sword, suitable for children to wield without too much difficulty.

Hiccup's first sword is a Swiftpoint Scaremaker with decorative markings. He is able to use this sword reasonably well during 'Swordfighting at Sea' lessons in the Pirate Training Program. Unfortunately, while sparring with Dogsbreath the Duhbrain on a sailing ship, Dogsbreath throws it overboard.

Dogsbreath grabbed hold of the fancy Swiftpoint Scaremaker and threw it over the side into the ocean.
  — Book 2  


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