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Svetlana: "Svetlana the Sly, at your service."
Leyla: "Svetlana the Sly?"
Svetlana: "Yes, sly enough to let Waldondo steal my map, knowing he would take it to his friends, the Rescue Riders. Sly enough to follow you here. Sly enough to let you solve the riddles of the map for me. And sly enough to bring along the Belzium magnet to keep you out of my way."[src]

Svetlana the Sly is a pirate who first appeared in the episode "Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon".


Hunting the Golden Dragon

Svetlana the Sly gathered a crew and went looking for the legendary Golden Dragon using an old treasure map. She let Waldondo del Mundo stole the map, knowing he would take it to the Rescue Riders, who would solve the riddles on the map and take her to the Golden Dragon. She brought along a giant Belzium magnet, which she used to trap the Rescue Riders once she assumed they had found the dragon. She took Yorgi with her into a chamber, only to discover that it was empty. She was furious at the failure and got out of the cave, leaving the Rescue Riders alone. Later, she raced against Erik the Wretched and Waldondo del Mundo in their search for the Golden Dragon, while also trying to bring down the Rescue Riders. However, she was tricked by them into fighting against Erik and Waldondo, which made all three of them lose the head start. The three pirates eventually teamed-up and surrounded the island where the Golden Dragon was located. Eventually, Leyla and Summer emerged with a golden egg, so Svetlana followed them and ordered his crew to attack them. Leyla accidentally dropped the egg, which was revealed to be made of stone. Infuriated, Svetlana told her crew to follow Burple, believing he had the real egg. However, Burple dropped the egg into the ocean, which made Svetlana believe that it was lost forever. She blamed Waldondo and Marenafor the failure, and went to confront them. However Waldondo trapped her in a net, claiming that no one has the right to attack Marena, besides him.

Physical Appearance

Svetlana is short of stature with a square face and short blonde hair. She wears a blue blouse with golden shoulder pads and scaly yellow belt. She sports a pair of brown trousers with fur boots of matching color. She wields a short, but wide sword, with a golden handle wrapped in brown leather, which she keeps in a green sheath tied around her waist. On her head she wears a papakha hat with a golden snake pin on top of it. Svetlana wears a necklace with a small red stone attached to it.


Abilities, Talents, and Skills



  • Judging by her name, accent, and clothes, Svetlana is either Russian or of Russian descent.

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