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We've all been on some really crazy adventures lately and I think we could use a break. What if we went on a fun vacation to rest up and recharge?

"Summer Holiday" is the fourth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


In need of some rest and relaxation, the Riders set out in vacation. But their supposedly perfect island getaway isn't quite what they hoped for.

Major Events


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The Rescue Riders drag a nest full of dragon eggs on a steep cliffside. Cutter complains about the effort he has to put into the mission and decides to lay down in the nest. Because of this, the Rescue Riders slip, but Winger manages to break the fall just in time. They yell at Cutter, who gets back on his feet and continues to drag the nest. Just as the Rescue Riders reach the top of the cliff, Finngard Borgomon appears out of nowhere and pulls the nest in an attempt to help his friends. However, he accidentally makes the nest slide with high speed towards empty space. The Rescue Riders take off to save him. Cutter, Aggro, and Burple catch the eggs, while Dak and Winger catch Finngard. The Rescue Riders return the eggs and the nest to the top of the cliff, after which they fly back to the village.

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Finngard sings on the way home and remembers all the recent times when he 'helped' the Rescue Riders: jumping in the water after Haggis, breaking the town's sheep pen, and scaring away two baby dragons in the forest. Dak drops him home, where he is taken by his mother, after which the Rescue Riders return to The Roost. They start preparing for dinner, but they realize that they are too tired to do anything. Burple even falls asleep while flying, much to Winger's surprise. They decide to skip the meal and go to sleep inside the Roost.

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The next morning, the Rescue Riders are still tired from the previous day, so they decide to take a break from their duties and go on a vacation. Summer suggests an island from her childhood, which she claims to be perfect. Winger contradicts them, believing that adventures should be their only lifestyle. However, after seeing Burple sleep-flying again, he agrees to go on vacation. Leyla prepares supplies for the trip while Dak goes to tell Duggard the Decisive about their plans. Finngard, who is spying on the Rescue Riders from the bushes, hears their idea of going away, so he hides inside one of the supply barrels. The Riders then take off to the sky, leaving Huttsgalor.

SH - The Rescue Riders having landed on the island.jpg

On the way to the exotic island, Burple impatiently asks Summer if they had arrived, which greatly annoys her and Aggro. The Fire Fury then discusses nap spots with Cutter, and the latter realizes that the two have a lot in common. Upon landing on the beach of the island, each of the Rescue Riders begin to relax in their own way. Burple collects rocks in his stomachs, Cutter and Aggro fight over a warm rock where they want to sleep, Leyla updates her Dragon Diary, Dak plays Volley Rock, and Winger sets up training gear. Leyla and Dak try to convince the Swiftwing to relax, but Winger insists on patrolling the area, looking for danger.

SH - Another eel headed for Aggro and Cutter.jpg

Just then, a couple of eels attack the Rescue Riders and their supplies. They fight off the creatures while Finngard is watching from inside one of the barrels. The Rescue Riders fight off the eels, but soon realize that they are outnumbered. They decide to retreat deeper into the island, and manage to retrieve one of the supply barrels. Summer apologizes to the Rescue Riders, claiming that the island didn't have eels at the time she visited it. The Rescue Riders reach a forest and stop there, catching their breath after the unexpected skirmish.

SH - Finngard look out.jpg

Suddenly, Finngard reveals himself to the Rescue Riders, who are taken by surprise. The boy reveals that he wants to be as cool as the Rescue Riders were when they fought off the eels. However, they are interrupted by a pack of wolves which go straight after Finngard. The boy runs away as the Rescue Riders try to keep the wolves at a distance. Finngard ends up in a field of wood nettles where he is surrounded by wolves. However, the animals don't dare go near the plants so they retreat into the forest. The Rescue Riders catch up to him and Dak decides to bring Finngard home. He dismisses the idea after Leyla points out to him that it was getting too dark to fly back to Huttsgalor. The two eventually agree to let Finngard stay with them.

SH - Finngard having heard what Dak said.jpg

The Rescue Riders set up a camp and Finngard proves himself to be helpful by bringing Cutter berries and Burple apples. He then makes nests for each of the Rescue Riders, which they warmly accept. However, Leyla realizes that they are made out of itchy wood nettles and everyone starts scratching themselves. They all jump in a nearby pond to ease the itching. Dak gets angry at Finngard for ruining their trip, unintentionally calling him a trouble-maker in front of him. The boy bursts into tears and runs away crying, dropping his viking helmet.

SH - The Rescue Riders having found Finngard.jpg

The Rescue Riders go searching for him, so Aggro lights up and leads the way. They eventually find him in a cave, where he was singing to himself. He tells them that he feels bad for ruining their trip and Dak apologises for making him sad, giving Finngard back his helmet. Just then, the same pack of wolves arrives and forces the Rescue Riders to go deeper inside the cave.

SH - I guess I don't.jpg

All the dragons concentrate their fire on the wolves, but soon realize that they are going to run out of shots and be defenseless. Dak tries to collapse a stalactite on the wolves, but fails. Leyla pushes Finngard aside in an attempt to protect him and he notices a small patch of wood nettle growing inside the cave. Just as all the dragons run out of shots and the wolves prepare to attack, Finngard jumps in front of the animals, covered in wood nettles. He scares them away and the wolves retreat into the forest yet again.

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Dak and Leyla thank Finngard for saving them, while he promises to not bother them for a while. He decides to focus on his dragon book instead, and start a second volume of the agenda. The Rescue Riders prepare to leave the island and return to Huttsgalor, as they are tired by all the problems they faced on the island. Soon after they take off, Summer notices an island in the distance and realizes that they traveled to the wrong location. Winger admits that he wants to go on a new vacation and relax, much to everyone's surprise. On the way, Dak, Leyla and Finngard start singing about their adventure on the exotic island.





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