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The one thing you do have to bear in mind is that ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD YOU LEAVE THIS BAY. This is VERY IMPORTANT because just to the south of here runs the Summer Current, a warm stream of water, and you all know what lives in the Summer Current ...
  — Gobber in Book 3  

The Summer Current is a directional flow of warm water travelling through parts of the Barbaric Archipelago, mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.

Official Description

The Summer Current is a warm stream of water. The Sharkworms live in here.
  — Official Book Website  


The Summer Current is located on the south side of the Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub. The Summer Current leads to Hysteria from the South, and Mount Villainy from the North.

This current is distinguished by the constant presence of a bloodthirsty dragon species, known as Sharkworms.


How to Speak Dragonese

The young Hooligans that were part of the Pirate Training Program led by Gobber the Belch were sailing on the Sea-Known-as-Woden's-Bathtub. Hiccup's and Fishlegs' ship, The Hopeful Puffin, was bumped into the Summer Current by Snotlout's and Dogsbreath's ship, Sparrowhawk.

Once in the current, the two boys encountered a Roman ship, and possibly saw Sharkworms, though it may have been a trick of the fog and paranoid minds.


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