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If there's anything I love, it's a good mystery. And helping other dragons, of course. [src]
  — Summer  

Summer is a female Fastfin and one of the main protagonists in Dragons: Rescue Riders. She is Leyla's dragon and a member of the group known as the Rescue Riders.


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Physical Appearance

Summer is a green with a very light yellow underbelly. She has a frill of spikes around the back of her head. Her long tail is tipped with a spade shaped fin. Her feet are webbed instead of clawed for efficient swimming. Her body is fairly long and slender.


The truth is, Leyla, I am afraid of eels! I know I'm a Fastfin and I shouldn't be, but I am. [src]
  — Summer  

Much like her rider, Leyla, Summer is quick-witted, mature, and friendly, with a serious and playful side being prominent. Sharing a playful rivalry with Winger, she often races him when the chance arrives, though the Swiftwing almost always wins. She does have an air of superiority about her regarding her intellectual abilities, but is quick to admit any wrong-doing.

Unlike most Fastfins, Summer is - like most dragons - afraid of eels, due to being attacked by one at a young age. This ultimately doesn't stop her from helping her friends, though.

Summer flips her tail back and forth when she is distressed or upset, as seen in "Sick Day" when she admits her fear of eels to Leyla.

Compared to Aggro who is feisty and short-tempered, Summer is mostly calm but she can be prideful at times with her abilities.

Abilities and Skills

Water breath: Summer can launch streams of water from her mouth with enough force to push a dragon of Burple's weight a few meters. But in the "Hunt for the Golden Dragon", her water blast only tickled him meaning that she can limit how much she uses.

In Huttsgalor Holiday, Summer was surprised that her water breath turned into ice allowing her to make slides, ramps or defensive ice walls.

Amphibious: As a water dragon, she's an excellent swimmer and can remain underwater for extended periods. Since she spends most of her time out of the water without suffering no ill effects it's likely her species can adapt easily on land and in the water.

Strength: Summer has proven herself to be exceptionally strong, as she was able to carry three sheep while having the added weight of Leyla on her back to holding a full grown eel in her mouth without much struggle. She was able to lift Burple up onto a ledge with just her head.

Immunity to Slinkwing Goo: Due to her being a Fastfin her skin is immune to the stickiness of Slinkwing Goo.

Intelligence: Summer often thinks through situations carefully, instead of running headlong into them without a plan. She is very interested in technical details, such as how the moon and tides are connected and their effects.

Human Understanding: Summer is able to understand human language, as well as read it. She most likely learn it from Leyla in the same way she learned to speak to dragons.

Echolocation/Sonar: Much like a bat, Summer is able to emit high pitched soundwaves that bounce off surrounding object, allowing her to "see" in areas with low visibility.



Main article: Leyla and Summer's Relationship

Summer and Leyla are best friends and Leyla is Summer's dragon rider. The two became fast friends after Leyla was saved when she fell off a dragon. During the events of "Sick Day" Summer revealed her past encounter with an eel and Leyla helped her overcome her fear of eels.


Summer is Winger's friend and teammate. Winger is sort of a brother-like figure for her. They fight sometimes, but come to meet peace.

In "Heavy Metal" when Magnus, Dak, Leyla, Winger, and Summer get stuck and Leyla was able to get out to call for help, Winger and Summer argue at first, but then Summer admits that it was her fault, and Winger does the same thing. The two apologized to each other and gave each other a high five.


Like with Leyla, Summer and Dak are close friends as well.


Summer and Aggro are good friends. It's a little odd, because Summer is a water dragon and Aggro is a fire dragon. Their personalities are opposite too, Aggro is feisty and short-tempered and Summer is mostly calm, but they have a strong friendship.


Burple and Summer are close friends as well.


Summer and Cutter are close friends as well. She sometimes can get annoyed with Cutter's personality, but they're still good friends.



  • According to Leyla in "Belly Flop", every year on her birthday, Summer always guesses her gift.

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