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Sturmundrang is a male Thunderclaw appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Unlike most of its contemporaries, Sturmundrang is very difficult to ensnare, and even harder to tame. Dragon Hunters who try the same tricks that work on other Thunderclaws witness, to their horror, the ferocity of Sturmundrang. He is suspicious, ferocious, and brutal towards anyone who approaches him with ill intent. The Book of Dragons, however, labels Sturmundrang as one of the most loyal beasts known to Vikingdom once tamed. It suggests that a person seeking to befriend Sturmundrang should bring copious gifts of monkfish and sagefruit, and expect at least a month of gradual trust-building before being able to enter Sturmundrang's personal space. Then, if the seeker is lucky, they will be permitted to pet him. If unlucky, or if the Sturmundrang's flicking tongue smells fear on the seeker, a blast of dragonfire will result, blackening the seeker's clothing and setting the entire process back to square one.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

The Sturmundrang is predominantly bright red which shades into orange and then cream moving down to the belly. There are cloud leopard-like spots of dark red speckling the body, as well as dark red patches on t he wings. In contrast to the red body, the Sturmundrang has vivid sky blue eyes.

In-game Statistics



  • Sturmundrang's name may be based on the German artistic movement of the 1760's - 1790's, called Sturm und Drang, wherein dramatic emotional expression appeared in works of literature and music. Sturm und Drang literally translated in German mean Storm and Stress.



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