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Stormshatter was a sword wielded by Stoick's Grandfather until it was broken into several pieces that were hidden all over the archipelago as a sign of peace.

Physical Appearance

As Stormshatter has yet to be physically seen, little is known about its appearance, although it is assumed to look similar to a typical Viking sword. However, Valka describes the sword as "massive", so it is likely far bigger than any typical Viking sword.


Split Apart

Long before the Isle of Berk made peace with the dragons, the Hairy Hooligans, led by Stoick's grandfather, who was chief at the time, were in a war with many other factions in the Barbaric Archipelago. Stoick's Grandfather led his army in battle with Stormshatter in hand, causing several enemy armies to beg for mercy.

However, a lasting peace soon fell upon the archipelago. As a symbol of peace, Stoick's Grandfather broke up Stormshatter into several pieces, which were then spread all over the archipelago's islands.

Clues to the Puzzle

When the wind calms and wars end, the bill comes due and must be paid. But Storms will Shatter when Berk needs a friend.
  — Eret reading the Stormshatter prophecy in School of Dragons.  

Several centuries later, Eret, Son of Eret, while searching through a collection of Berk goods that he had stolen from a group of Dragon Hunters on Auction Island, came across a piece of parchment that contained a strange prophecy that seemed to refer to Stormshatter. Upon learning about the history of the sword from Valka, the player sought to find the rest of the clues in order to find the pieces of the sword before the Dragon Hunters did.



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