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Just because she's beautiful, people think she's not tough. But you should never underestimate me. Uh, her — er, I mean — us.
  Astrid talking about Stormfly in How to Pick Your Dragon  

Stormfly is Astrid Hofferson's Deadly Nadder who first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon.

Official Description

Although she preens and grooms herself like the most fastidious of birds, Stormfly actually possesses a playful spirit.
Whether it's winning Dragon Races with Astrid or fetching shiny objects, Stormfly is as game for a fun time as she is deadly in battle!
Stormfly loves to have fun, but equally enjoys a deadly battle. She can suddenly raise the thousands of sharp spines that stud her hide and tail, and fling them with incredible accuracy. She is the perfect partner in combat.
  — Dragonpedia stat card  
Even for a playful breed like the Nadder, she is particularly fun-loving (and competitive). Everything can be a game with Stormfly!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
An iconic pair second only to Hiccup and Toothless, Astrid and Stormfly show what years of rigorous training, bonding, and battling can achieve. Astrid may be one of Berk's best Trainers, but Stormfly is undoubtedly one of our most intelligent Dragons; together they make a powerful team that will stop at nothing to come out on top. Be it Dragon Races, trick contests, or aerial combat against the worst the Barbaric Archipelago has to offer — Astrid and Stormfly aren't to be underestimated. Being a Nadder, Stormfly has some of the hottest fire found in Dragons; however, she prefers to rely on non-lethal use of her high precision spine shots to trap or intimidate foes into submission.
Underneath the grueling training regiments, both Stormfly and Astrid have a soft side (which they keep well-guarded). Stormfly and Toothless have always had a friendly but competitive relationship — when kept on a proper diet, she can even hold her own in a race against him! Over the years they have become quite close with one another, often play-fighting over Hiccup's prosthetic leg during games of "fetch the limb".
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  
The last day of Snoggletog is the beginning of the New Year. This marks the point where the sun appears on the horizon for the first time after the twelve-day night of the Winter Solstice. Cold days may be ahead, but the Sun's return is something to celebrate. The Vikings of Berk observe the New Year with the festival of Hogmany.
Stormfly has a particular love for Hogmany. Whether its the ceremonial calling in of the hill elves, the ritual designed to drive trolls into the sea, or the giving of gifts on the neighbor's doorstep that really get her blood flowing, we can not be sure. Whatever it is, when Hogmany comes around, she can be seen sitting under the Mistletoe, dancing the dance of the Huldrefolk, and waiting for the sun to peak above the horizon for the first time in almost two weeks. When the Berkians twist their balls of wire and paper, Stormfly is first in line to breathe onto them, setting the darkling sky ablaze with hundreds of tiny suns marching down to the sea.
Whatever the reason for her enthusiasm, it is sure to be contagious.
  — New Years Stormfly in Dragons: Titan Uprising  
When most people think about Harvest time, they think of the bounties of the growing cycle, cornucopias filled with fruit, grains, fish, cheeses, pumpkins, and the feasts that inevitably result from their overabundance. For Stormfly, this is not the case, or rather, this is the concern. Astrid knows that Harvest is when raids are more common, and prepares for it with intense training regimens for her and her Dragon. Berk, typical of Viking settlements, relies on both a fleet of fishing vessels, and a large number of farmsteads to supply its people with food. Early autumn is a flurry of activity, picking, drying, and salt pickling enough food to last through the harsh Archipelago winters. Any wasted food is potentially days or weeks of starvation once the February snows move in, and so Berk citizens are all involved in the process of filling root cellars with clay jars filled with beneficially fermenting foodstuffs.
Anything that can’t be preserved in this way has to be immediately eaten: a responsibility the Vikings of Berk accept with enthusiasm, stuffing their faces with elaborate feasts in an attempt to convert that food into layers of fat thick enough to insulate them against the harshness of the winter’s cold. But outside of Berk, there is a class of freeloading Viking that prefers to spend their summer lazing about, sitting in sunbeams, bathing in rivers, and avoiding the hard task of preparing for the long cold winter months ahead. These blackguards would do anything to avoid work. To these scoundrels, the first leaves of autumn mark the hour in which they don their armor and pick up their swords, not in any righteous task, but to ready themselves for the raid. They pile into their dragon ships and set sail for any village they can find that isn’t suitably protected. They raid, they terrify, and they steal, but regardless of how much violence they inflict, the real damage is done after they depart; ships overflowing like the cornucopias mentioned above. To the people left behind with empty larders, a grim choice is left for them: to spend the winter watching their families starve, or to pass on their misery to the next unsuspecting village through similar raids. Astrid and Harvest Stormfly want to put an end to this cycle of violence. They spend the autumn months not gathering food, nor raiding, but following raiding ships and burning them into the sea before they can attack, or failing that, in bringing the food stolen by these reprobates back to its village of origin to prevent the raids from spreading. It’s a daunting task, but someone’s got to remind the miscreants that the rules of hospitality go both ways.
  — Harvest Stormfly in Dragons: Titan Uprising  


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Physical Appearance

Stormfly is a very beautiful and bird-like bipedal dragon with winged-forelimbs that are about the same size as a medium-sized tetrapod dinosaur and small, yellow (yet keen) eyes with black pupils.

Stormfly's body is a combination of blue, gold, red, purple, and tan with a light beige underbelly. Her main body color is blue; a bright and tropical turquoise. Her wings are mottled with darker shades of blue spots circled by gold, purple and red spots closer to her reddish shoulders. Her underwings are a duller mixture of gold and tan. Her tail is blue and gold, as are the many iconic poisonous spines adorning it. She has small black hooks at the end of her wing joints.

In front of her eyes is a curved nasal horn. Her lower jaw is shorter and wider than the upper, which gives her an overbite (setting her apart from all the other dragons in the film, — except for the Night Fury — they all have underbites).

Ringing Stormfly's skull is a set of spikes and coating the tail is a series of spines that can be used as projectiles. When relaxed, her head spikes and venomous tail spines lay flat: especially when she is being preened or stroked, and when alarmed, they flare out to intimidate her foe. As she grew, her spikes had darker shades at the bottom. She has small black feathering on the back of her legs and four black claws on her feet.

Her statistics on the book say she is 30ft (9.14m) tall, 42ft (12.8m) wingspan, and weighs over 2,628lbs (1,192kg).


Stormfly is a loyal and loving dragon towards her rider, Astrid Hofferson. The two are an inseparable and deadly pair who care for one another deeply. Stormfly also seems to be fond of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III; possible as Astrid cares for him too, and dragon and rider both seem to share affections for those the other chooses to trust. However, while she is loyal to Astrid, this doesn't mean she can't be convinced to help someone else if she feels that they are a friend and deserve to be helped, as is demonstrated with Heather when she needs her to save her family from Alvin the Treacherous's wrath, and Eret, Son of Eret when he was in danger by Drago Bludvist's men.

Like all Deadly Nadders, Stormfly is a very beautiful dragon, and she knows it. She has a generous dose of vanity which is typical for her species and spends much of her time preening herself and cleaning her scales. Astrid mentions that she loves bath time as well. She is normally docile but can turn aggressive when she needs to. She also has a very playful nature, loving to play fetch and chasing after anything that is thrown to bring it back again.

Stormfly is shown to have a strong bond with her rider, and is caring and protective of Astrid, though sometimes she's willing to connect with others whom she trusts, like Heather and Eret, and let them ride her. In this sense, Stormfly displays the main character trait of a Deadly Nadder: loyalty. Stormfly has shown to be loyal to save her rider in time from a fallen anchor from Johann's ship, and to obey her commands without question.

Stormfly seems to be quite intelligent as Astrid manages to teach her several hand signals, which Stormfly follows adeptly. Stormfly also manages to come to Astrid's aid when called, and Astrid can tell her what to do often with just a word.

Just like Astrid and Hiccup, Stormfly and Toothless have a friendly rivalry, striving to beat one another in races and competitions. As Hiccup tends not to enjoy competitions, Astrid and Stormfly win most of the time.

Stormfly has shown to be extremely playful usually playing with her rider or another dragon at least once in most episodes. She is said to love the water in "A Grim Retreat" evidenced in how she was playing in a shallow stream in "Snuffnut".

Abilities and Skills

I wouldn't make a sound if I were you. Stormfly can shoot a flea off a Yak's tail from 20 yards. [src]
  Fishlegs Ingerman  

Stormfly's abilities are better than the average Deadly Nadder because Astrid Hofferson (Stormfly's rider) is shown to be more of a soldier than most of the other teens. ("Dragon Flower") Astrid trains Stormfly excessively, helping her to reach her full potential.

Intelligence and Communication Skills: Stormfly has been trained to understand Astrid's hand gestures for commands like "Spine Shot" and "Battle Ready". ("Twinsanity") She has also learned to recognize her dragon rider's dragon call that acts as a beacon in case she and Astrid get separated. ("We Are Family, Part 1") She has proven to have good judgment as well. She knew Astrid's decision was wrong and did what she thought was right. ("The Terrible Twos") In How to Train Your Dragon 2, she is shown to have been taught by Astrid to release and fetch, using this with Eret, Son of Eret and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's Dragon Blade. She has also been demonstrated to enjoy this activity, even thinking it as a game and playing in a way not dissimilar to a dog with a stick.

Speed: Stormfly has always been a very fast dragon indeed, as was demonstrated several times during races, trick contests, and battling the Red Death. However, her speed has been increased greatly as Astrid discovered a hidden ability of the Deadly Nadder: their speed is increased greatly when they are fed chicken. ("Heather Report, Part 1") However, Stormfly is still not quite as fast as Toothless and the effects are only temporary.

Strength: Stormfly is exceptionally strong for a Nadder, as she can carry two humans on her back without signs of a struggle or discomfort. She can also use her talons to carry a dragon-proof cage that contains a Snow Wraith ("Snow Way Out") as well as the larger Hookfang with minimal effort. ("Guardians of Vanaheim") Not only this, but Stormfly is demonstrated to be capable of carrying large boulders in her talons, with control and minimal struggle, flying as usual for a distance, then dropping them from a great height to block Whispering Death holes.

Magnesium blast: Like all Deadly Nadders, Stormfly's flame is comprised of magnesium, which causes it to flow in torrents of orange sparkles and her flames are hot enough to melt a sea stack in seconds. ("A Tale of Two Dragons") Stormfly can carry a low, burning flame in her mouth that can be used to illuminate dark places. Stormfly has been shown to also have the ability to produce a more intense, concentrated magnesium blast that is bluish white., but can be sustained for a lesser time. ("No Dragon Left Behind") It is stated by Fishlegs that the Deadly Nadder bears the hottest flame of any dragon, like the Fireworm, but it is unknown whether this is correct, as it has not been mentioned anywhere else in the franchise to be any hotter than that of other dragons. However, Stormfly, like other Deadly Nadders, prefers using her spines over her fire in a confrontation.

Spine shot: Stormfly's spine shot is the most often attack to be used against enemies as she has shown to be using this skill to trap animals like sheep so they won't escape. Stormfly is also able to accurately shoot one spine by being tapped on the back of her head. ("How to Pick Your Dragon") It is so accurate that she can shoot right through a previously shot spine. She was also able to use these spines as a rescue skill, to create a ladder for Astrid. It was a practice exercise, in case they would have to rescue Vikings from a place where dragons can't go. ("Worst in Show")

Single Spine Shot: While being briefly ridden by Snotlout Jorgenson, he tapped the back of Stormfly's head which had her release a single spine shot.
Spine-clone: While in flight, Stormfly whips her tail behind her and protrudes her spines. Then, she ascends while twirling and releasing her spines in multiple directions. This is a very useful ability when surrounded by enemies from all sides. ("King of Dragons, Part 1") It also demonstrates uniquely Stormfly's graceful personality.

Waterspout: When flying in a spiral in a given manner, Stormfly can effectively create a strong upward wind current. When done above a body of water, this wind current has enough strength to lift the water like a waterspout. This ability can be very useful when confronting enemy ships. ("Dragon Down")

Talon Snatching: Like all Deadly Nadders, Stormfly has been shown to be able to grab things in her talons with precision accuracy such as sheep and dragon flyers.

Death Song Immunity: Due to bonding with Garf, Stormy developed an immunity to Garf’s song, and it won't affect her anymore. It is unknown if Stormfly is immune to other Death Song’s serien calls.


Astrid Hofferson

Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1.png Main article: Astrid and Stormfly's Relationship

I don't know what I would do without Stormfly. [src]
  — Astrid  
A Grim Retreat33.jpg

Stormfly and Astrid share a very similar bond to that between Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless. As Hiccup is Toothless' best and closest friend, Astrid is Stormfly's. At first, Astrid had no affection for Stormfly, seeing her merely as one of the dragons she was intent on killing to prove her worth; during their first encounter, nothing even close to the tender bonding moment between Hiccup and Toothless- instead, Astrid hits Stormfly in the face with an axe stuck in a shield, and generally regards her as a beast to be exterminated. However, when they decide to train the dragons, Stormfly still allows Astrid to ride her and soon own her as a dragon. Astrid and Stormfly soon start to grow very close. They both care about each other's feelings and don't push each other's limits. They watch out for each other, as when Stormfly alerts Hiccup of Astrid's illness when she begins to show symptoms of the Scourge of Odin. At that time, Stormfly seems greatly distressed about Astrid's state of health: afterward, once Astrid is better, Stormfly is the first friend she goes to. Also, both dragon and trainer have similar personalities as they both have a short temper, a courageous personality as well as a beautiful appearance.


Stormfly is very loyal to Astrid and is shown to be very protective of her. Stormfly also seems to not like it when other trainers ride her and prefer Astrid. She also trusts her Rider enough to let her touch her babies and is overjoyed to see Astrid when they are reunited after she is separated from her. Both Astrid and Stormfly have a very close loyal protective bond, as they both love each other very much.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid and Stormfly seem to have a much closer bond than ever before.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup and Stormfly at the Berkery

Hiccup and Stormfly get along very well. Stormfly seems to like Hiccup and trusts him very much as letting him and Astrid ride her. Hiccup can get a little competitive with Stormfly and desperately tries to beat her when she becomes faster than Hiccup and Toothless, (due to Astrid feeding her chicken) ("Heather Report, Part 1" and "Heather Report, Part 2") but normally, it's all in good fun. She also seems to trust him enough to let him touch her babies. In "Buffalord Soldier", when Astrid was sick with the Scourge of Odin, Stormfly came to Hiccup to let him know something was wrong. Possibly the reason she likes him so much is that Hiccup is Astrid's closest friend and love interest.


Stormfly and Toothless playing

Stormfly and Toothless both share a mysterious but very close friendship. In Gift of the Night Fury, during Snoggletog, she tried to get Toothless to come with her on her trip to lay her eggs. But Toothless refuses, due to the fact of his missing tail flap and that he can't go anywhere without Hiccup. They are normally friendly with each other and love each other's company, but they can get a little competitive at times.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, they are seen to be better friends as they play while Astrid and Hiccup are talking, and Stormfly is later shown to be the first dragon to return to Toothless' side when he challenges Drago's Bewilderbeast for the position of Alpha Dragon. Also, when Stormfly first appears with Toothless, when Hiccup and Astrid were talking, they played showing their bond.

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Stormfly shows interest in joining Toothless in playing with Hiccup's Prosthetic Leg. However, he possessively growls at her before continuing to chew on it. As is usually the way with their playing, Stormfly takes little notice! Hiccup and Astrid search for Toothless on Stormfly, finding the Hidden World and seeing Toothless and the Light Fury leading the dragons there as Alphas and mates. However, the two are soon discovered, Toothless being forced to leave and take Hiccup and Astrid back to New Berk. Years later Hiccup, Astrid and their two children, Zephyr and Nuffink, sail across the sea to visit Toothless, the Light Fury, their three offspring and Stormfly at the edge of the Hidden World.


Garf 337.png
These two have bonded so well that Garff's song doesn't even affect Stormfly anymore. [src]
  — Astrid on Stormfly and Garff  

Garff is one of Stormfly's closest friends, as can be seen especially in "No Dragon Left Behind" in Dragons: Race to the Edge. She is keen to protect Garff when he is attacked, and they also hug at the end of the episode when Garff is relocated to another island.

Eret, Son of Eret

Thank you for saving my life. Now let me return the favor. [src]
  — Eret thanking Stormfly for saving him  

Stormfly returning Inferno to Eret

Eret caught Stormfly with a net at the start of the movie and nearly sold her to Drago Bludvist, but she was luckily rescued by Hiccup, with his Dragon Blade. When Hiccup and Astrid are planning to change Eret's mind of dragons, Hiccup pretended to give up Toothless and Stormfly to him yet shows him about the true personality of dragons, which he ignores. Hiccup also gave him Inferno, which created an explosion on the boat. Eret threw Inferno to the sea, yet each time he did, Stormfly fetched Inferno and returned it to him.


Later, she was seen with Astrid and the other Riders with their dragons on an ice flow. They decided to rescue Hiccup, thinking he was abducted by Drago. She was the one who abducted Eret and fetched him on Astrid's command so he would reveal Drago's base. When they land on Drago's base, Stormfly sits on Eret, and Astrid doesn’t free him, stating to "never take a toy from a dragon".

Stormfly saving Eret

Later, when Drago is about to kill Eret, Stormfly suddenly rescues Eret from the weapons, probably because she already trusts him, yet is tranquilized in the process. This made Eret now realize the truth about dragons. He also freed Stormfly later, saying that he "needs to return the favor", and touched her snout. He is also seen riding Stormfly while Astrid is riding along behind him.


A Tale of Two Dragons.jpg

Stormfly and Hookfang have a mutual relationship. They normally distance each other and stay out of Astrid and Snotlout's fights unless commanded to do something. But they're not always nice to each other, as they are seen to growl and/or roar at each other several times before. But they can work well as a team, as well as making combined attacks to save Hiccup and Toothless from Alvin.

Snotlout Jorgenson

Normal DD S2 DoB E15 0244.jpg

Stormfly and Snotlout don't normally interact but also don't get along too well. She is often seen out of his business but has shot her spines at him several times and growls or roars at him when he insults her. She also gets annoyed with him often but also has shown a little respect for him when she is forced to be with him for a day. In the first film when he missed her by a great distance with a hammer, she seemed to laugh at him. She has attacked Snotlout at times and doesn't seem to like him very much. However, in "A Tale of Two Dragons", when Snotlout had ridden Stormfly, she started bonding with Snotlout. Though a few years later, in "Total Nightmare", Snotlout said that Stormfly was too small for him when he was skimming over a replacement for Hookfang. However, this did not insult her much.


I think your dragon likes me. See you later, Stormfly. [src]
  — Heather to Astrid  

Heather rides Stormfly for the second time

In "Heather Report, Part 1", Stormfly at first was uneasy with Heather but is bribed by her when she feeds her chicken and allows her to get on her back. But soon, Stormfly doesn't like the fact Heather is riding her and not Astrid, and now doesn't listen to a single direction Heather says to her and flies around recklessly.

In "Heather Report, Part 2", Stormfly is hesitant to let Heather ride her a second time, but after mentioning finding Astrid, the Nadder happily took off. Stormfly has never shown any hate for Heather and even acts friendly to her.

In "Have Dragon Will Travel Part 1" Heather threw a piece of chicken into a cave which Stormfly and Astrid chased before Heather used Windshear to trap the pair in the cave.


Windshear in Snow Way Out 23.png

Stormfly seems to have a playful attitude with Windshear (Heather's dragon) even when they were infiltrating the Dragon Hunters. ("Snow Way Out")


Stormfly might understand that Fanghook has a crush on her, just like his rider who has a crush on Astrid. Like her rider, she doesn't feel the same way. She's also trying to help him train with his rider to gain more experience for Dragon Training. ("Gone Gustav Gone")


Stormfly has furiously fought against Sleuther multiple times to protect her rider Astrid even headbutting him without even thinking. It is presumed they're now on better terms after being tamed.

Ryker and Viggo Grimborn

Stormfly has disliked Ryker ever since she was captured by Ryker and his hunters in "Night of the Hunters, Part 1". She also disliked the Hunters using her spines for their weapons. She also loathed Viggo for the harm he inflicted on the Dragon Riders, but was forced to stand down when he held Astrid hostage in "Shell Shocked, Part 2". It is unknown if Stormfly's viewpoint on Viggo changed when the latter sacrificed himself to save Hiccup and Toothless.

Game Statistics

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Standard Stormfly

New Year's Stormfly



  • Stormfly's name was first revealed in Gift of the Night Fury.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, Stormfly's wings are mainly yellow with some blue, but in the series, they are mostly blue with some red and no yellow. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Stormfly is brighter and has more colors.
    • This shows that dragons' colors change as they age.
  • Stormfly sometimes sleeps while standing, much like a horse or some species of birds.
  • Stormfly seems to rely more on her tail spines than her fire.
  • The Dragon Call that Astrid uses to summon Stormfly is very similar to a wolf's howl. ("We Are Family, Part 1")
  • Stormfly's name in Spanish is Tormenta.
  • According to Richard Hamilton, Stormfly is the oldest of the Riders' dragons.[1]


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