All those other breeds of dragon eggs we rescued from Dammen's ice fortress brought out her motherly instincts. [src]

Stormfly's Adopted Offspring are a baby Deadly Nadder, a baby Monstrous Nightmare a baby Terrible Terror, two baby Gronckles, and a baby Whispering Death that were adopted by Stormfly in the comic The Ice Castle.


Adopted by Stormfly

At some point before the events of The Ice Castle, these baby dragons were taken from their nest as eggs by the Dragon Trapper Arngrim Dammen, who intended to sell them to willing buyers. After following Dammen to his ice fortress, Hiccup, Astrid, and the rest of the Dragon Riders learned that these eggs were in Dammen's possession.

Later on, after Toothless had used his fire to free a Boneknapper and a Timberjack that Dammen had also been captured, one of the eggs hatched, revealing a baby Whispering Death. Hiccup was soon able to train this baby just before Dammen's defeat.

Once everyone had returned to Berk, all of the eggs rescued from Dammen hatched. Stormfly adopted these babies in addition to the Whispering Death that was hatched earlier. Astrid later discovered her mothering the baby dragons and showed this to Hiccup.

Physical Appearance

The baby Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Terrible Terror, Gronckles, and Whispering Death are all representant of their respective species. They are all completely green in color. The baby Whispering Death is representant of its species as well, being black and white with a red crown of spines on the back of its head. It is presumed that the baby Thunderdrum and Snaptrapper are representant of their respective species as well.


  • Although they are not seen among the adopted offspring at the end of the comic, a baby Thunderdrum and a baby Snaptrapper are presumed to be among the adopted offspring, as Dammen mentioned having these eggs in his possession.

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