The Storehouse is a building located on an island away from Berk in which the Hooligans store food and weapons for time of crisis.


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The Storehouse was built with the purpose of storing food and weapons, so that Berk could have reserves of both if it runs out of them.


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Wanting to prove himself to Stoick the Vast, Spitelout started to build a Storehouse with a month prior to the events in "Turn and Burn". He found an island which seemed perfect and began the construction. After he finished, a wild Singetail began attacking the island and the Storehouse.

When Stoick, Hiccup and Snotlout went searching for Spitelout, they found the seemingly abandoned Storehouse and a dragon trap in which the two boys and their dragons got caught. The Singetail then attacked, but Stoick and Spitelout, who suddenly appeared, managed to fight it off.

Stoick and Spitelout then argued over the Storehouse, with one saying that they should leave it and the other saying that they should protect it. They agree to fight the Singetail and drive it off. However, after three more Singetails arrive, Spitelout says that the Storehouse can be rebuilt elsewhere and that they shouldn't put themselves in any more danger. Before leaving, Stoick returns to the Storehouse and gets the "S" symbol, stating that they can't build another Storehouse without the "S".

By the time of "Not Lout", Spitelout successfully rebuilds the Storehouse on another island. The entire tribe is present at its opening. Stoick then announces to everyone that they finally have an off-Berk Storehouse thanks to Spitelout.

In "Dire Straits", Astrid sends the Auxiliary Team to the Storehouse to bring food for the starving villagers.

In "The Wings of War, Part 1", when Hiccup goes to Storehouse Island to learn more about the Singetails, he sees the old Storehouse from above.

In "The Wings of War, Part 2", Spitelout reveals that he came back on the island to have revenge on the Singetails who destroyed his plans with the Storehouse.



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