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If that Triple Stryke kills the Night Fury, I kill YOU. [src]
  Ryker Grimborn  

Stone Mother is a Triple Stryke that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The Stone Mother is an unrepentant survivor. How has she managed to thrive in some of the most uninhabitable places in the Archipelago? Is it her elastic metabolism? Her arsenal of defense tactics? Or does she rely on an entirely different strategy? The Stone mother is one of the most reviled creatures in vikingdom; a symbol of death since ancient times. For most Vikings the mention of her name is enough to trigger a deep seated primordial fear. Most of the fear centers around the stinger that sits at the end of the Stone Mother’s tail. This single body part has horrified humans for aeons, and for good reason. The stinger delivers a potent toxin, capable of incapacitating prey and predator alike. The venom is a cocktail of neurotoxins and proteins specially designed to destroy. Once the stinger punctures a victim’s skin, enough venom is injected to paralyze, generate delirium, or induce intense convulsions, fever, and the potential of death. That said, the Stone Mother is actually quite affectionate to people she has formed bonds with. Soft-hearted by nature, she quickly becomes a generous and faithful companions to anyone who can see though her reputation to the benevolent creature beneath the shell.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Stone Mother is grayish purple, with a light blue underbelly and patterns. She has yellow eyes.

In-game Statistics



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