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This is the page for the dragon character. You may be looking for the one he was named after.

Harmless, this one. Never moves from this spot. He thinks quite highly of himself. [src]
  — Spitelout about Stoick  

Stoick is a male Singetail who first appeared in "The Wings of War, Part 2".

Official Description

Spitelout Jorgenson, inspired by his exasperating relationship with his chief, gave this Dragon its name during his time on Storehouse Island.

Stoick is the laziest Singetail ever known to Vikingdom. He spends most of his time sleeping, and is only moved to action by intense hunger, or an immediate threat to his person.

His loves nothing more than to roll on his belly in a patch of fragrant wildflowers, slowly cooking them with his body fire to release a pleasant perfumed vapor. While in this inebriated slumber, Stoick is completely harmless. A Viking can approach, touch, or even sleep with their head resting on the warm bed of Dragon hide.

If, however, a threat arrives significant enough to wake Stoick out of his contented torpor, a terrible fate awaits. With raging fire bursting from his sides and tail, and a grin full of razor sharp teeth, retribution is swift and final.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Sleeping on Storehouse Island

When Hiccup came to Storehouse Island to learn more about Singetails in "The Wings of War, Part 2", he met Spitelout who was also on the island for revenge. He introduced all the Singetails to Hiccup, including Stoick who was sleeping and didn't notice the Vikings.

Physical Appearance

Stoick is an orangey-yellow Singetail with red spots on his body.

Behaviour and Personality

The dragon called Stoick rests so soundly that he doesn't move from his spot even when the two Vikings were talking near him or when Spitelout was laying back on him Hiccup thought his name might be 'Naplout'.

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