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The Stickle Thorn is named and seen briefly in the episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman", in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6.


The Stickle Thorn is a fictitious thorn shrub. It appears to have oval-shaped leaves and light brown-grey bark. Its signature feature, however, is the thorn, which are shaped like cats' claws.


The Stickle Thorn has no function in the Franchise, other than as a comedic element. However, Tuffnut does imply a potential religious significance to the God Loki.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

The Stickle Thorn appears in the episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman". The Twins and Snotlout lose the Dragon Explorers visiting Dragon's Edge and must cross a barrier of stickle thorns. The Twins get scratched up going through the bushes, while Snotlout goes around, taking a route through the Poison Oak.


  • There exists, in the real world, a very similarly named plant often called "Sicklethorn" (Asparagus falcatus), indigenous to South Africa and Mozambique. The two plants do not bear much physical resemblance, however, the Sicklethorn also creates small thorns, as it is a creeper plant, in order to climb up walls.
  • It is thought of as Loki's, and thus the Twins', favorite bush.
    • However, Tuffnut referring to it as Loki's favorite bush may just have been a nod to how much mischief it could cause, and not an actual indication of a god's feelings.


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