The Stickle Thorn is named and seen briefly in the episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman", in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6.


The Stickle Thorn is a fictitious thorn shrub. It appears to have oval-shaped leaves and light brown-grey bark. Its signature feature, however, is the thorns, which are shaped like stubby cats' claws.


The Stickle Thorn has no function in the Franchise, other than as a comedic element. However, Tuffnut does imply a potential religious significance to the God Loki.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

The stickle thorn appears in the episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman". The Twins and Snotlout 'lose' the Dragon Explorers visiting Dragon's Edge and must cross a barrier of stickle thorns. The Twins get scratched up going through the bushes, while Snotlout goes around through Poison Oak.


  • There is a very similarly named plant often called "Sicklethorn" (Asparagus falcatus).


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