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It's a starfish, or otherwise known as sea star! It's a creature that lives in the sea.
  Tuffnut about the starfish  

Starfish is a marine animal that has a minor appearance in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.


Starfish is an invertebrate of the class Asteroidea. They can live from the surface of the water during tides to 6,000 meters (20,000 feet). Most starfish have 5 arms but there are others that can have up to 40 arms.

This one [starfish] has 5 arms, but I've seen one with up to 40 arms. It can regenerate new arms if it is attacked by a predator!
  — Tuffnut in School of Dragons  
Starfish can be found living up to 20,000 feet below the surface or close to the surface in tide pools. I found the starfish in the rocky pools along the shore. These pools appear during low tide, when the tide goes out and lowers the water level. ... There's a unique ecosystem that lives in tide pools. The waves go in and out and supply the tide pool animals with food. Starfish, anemones, seaweed, and sea urchins live in tide pools.
  — Ruffnut in School of Dragons  

The starfish seen in School of Dragons is a Common starfish (Asterias rubens). The common starfish has five medium-sized arms. They are usually orange with small white spines.


While there is no function for the starfish in the franchise, in the real life they can be kept as ornaments or even be eaten if prepared correctly.



School of Dragons

The starfish appears briefly in this game during the quest Gross Cool Things. In this quest, Ruffnut and Tuffnut talk about some marine wild life, including the starfish.

Starfish also appear on a sunken ship in concept art released in August 2017 for the Expansion "Rise of Stormheart", as well as several places in the released Expansion.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

The starfish is an item that can be found while searching with Toothless and can be used for completing collections.



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