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How can I be expected to shape young minds knowing my ancestors were Dragon killers? It's completely hypocritical! [src]

Standard Dramillions are a group of Dramillions that appear in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The name of the Dramillion comes from two Old Norse words, Draum, meaning 'Dream', and 'Milli', meaning 'in between'. It is a very fitting name for a Dragon whose intricately outlandish appearance might appear and disappear again seemingly out of thin air. These playful dragons are rare in the Archipelago, and even more rarely seen. Not since they were hunted to near extinction over a century ago by the Loyal Order of Ingermans. A small handful of Dramillions survived the Ingerman campaigns, however, and staged a comeback on the remote 'Dramillion Island'. These playful dragons are mimics, giving them the ability to copy the fire blasts of most other species they come across. They are, however, hovering on the edge of extinction with only between 56 and 200 individuals left. If not for the bold intervention of Fishlegs Ingerman and the rest of the Dragon Riders, the Loyal Order of Ingermans would surely have driven them out of existence.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Standard Dramillions are dark red with white underbellies. They have dark blue spots on their heads and wings and black stripes on their backs, wings and tails. Their claws and spikes are grey. Their eyes are yellow.

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