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Squirrels, and their smaller relatives Chipmunks, are small rodents that are mentioned in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


There are multiple rodents that can be classified as squirrels, including tree squirrelsground squirrelsflying squirrelschipmunksmarmots and prairie dogs.

Typical squirrels usually have slender bodies with bushy tails and large eyes. The hind legs are longer than the fore legs with four or five toes. They have an unique ability to rotate their ankles 180 degrees. By doing so, they can climb a tree downwards.

Chipmunks, on the other side, are much smaller than squirrels and tend to have their nests on the ground rather than in the trees.


While there is no function for the squirrels in the franchise, in reality some species can be kept as pets and others have been a source of food for humans.


Dragons: Riders of Berk


In the episode "The Terrible Twos", when Fishlegs sees a baby Typhoomerang, he thinks that he saw a flaming squirrel or a flaming chipmunk, unknowing it was a dragon.

Fishlegs: And something weird jumped out of the bushes. It was like a... flaming squirrel.
Hiccup: Really? A flaming squirrel?
Fishlegs: Or a chipmunk. Or some other flammable rodent.
  — Fishlegs describing what he saw  

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 3

ToHeatherOrNotToHeather-Squirrel .PNG

Tuffnut calls Fishlegs a "secret squirrel" at the beginning of the episode "To Heather or Not to Heather" when it was found out he had been getting correspondences from who turned out to be Heather.

Not so fast secret squirrel!
  — Tuffnut before jumping on Fishlegs  


How to Train Your Dragon (game)

If the player chooses Hiccup as the character to play with in the Nintendo DS version of this game, the Quest "Lost and Found" reveals Snortlout asking help her get back some armor patterns that a squirrel stole. The squirrel is not actually seen.


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