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Squidface the Terrible is a character mentioned in How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Book Reviewer

Squidface was able to succeed review a book - How to Train Your Dragon, by Professor Yobbish. This was printed on the back cover.

This book changed my life
  — Squidface  


How to Train Your Dragon

Squidface is referred to twice in Book 1, first as a reviewer of How to Train Your Dragon. Stoick recalls his father later on when dealing with his own son, Hiccup. Hiccup is angry at Stoick for following law and banishing him.

It is WEAK of me, WEAK. Squidface the Terrible would have banished his son in the twinkling of an eye.
  — Stoick  

How to Break a Dragon's Heart

In this book, Squidface is revealed to be Stoick the Vast's father.

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