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The Spring Queen Helmet is an object that first appeared in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Mecha-Menace".


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Every Springtime, there will be a Spring King/Queen. That time, Magnus Finke accomplished all tasks with the help of his Mechano-Dragon. Because of his deeds, he got crowned with this helmet. Leyla mentioned that the mechano-Dragon can't even farm. Leyla and Summer planted seeds on Elbone's farm. The Mechano-Dragon, Axel is driving failed. Later, the Mechano-Dragon started to have a problem and it started to lose control. Axel falls and Leyla saved him. Duggard rejected Magnus as Spring King, because he endangered his nephew and the village with his Mechano-dragon. Duggard gave the helmet to Leyla instead. Later, the Mechano-Dragon destroyed all luck lanterns the people made, which was Magnus's fault.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

During that season, the helmet was also used to decorate the top of the Odinyule Tree, similar to a star on a Christmas tree.

Physical Appearance

The helmet appeared similar to a typical helmet, except it is made of gold and has gems of different colors, which means that this helmet is not ordinary and was meant to be worn by someone who is highly respected.

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