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The Spring Festival is a celebration originating from Huttsgalor, that was first seen in "Mecha-Menace".


In "Mecha-Menace", after Haggis saw his shadow one morning, Duggard the Decisive officially declared the beginning of Spring and the Spring Festival. The town kids excitedly grabbed Luck Lanterns, and the Rescue Riders decided to take some of them too, in order to paint them. Later that day, Magnus Finke's Mechano-Dragon helped with preparations for the festival, which led to the man receiving the title of Spring King. However, the machine went out of control and destroyed the Luck Lanterns, which led to Duggard crowning Leyla as the new Spring Queen. The Rescue Riders offered to light up the sky with dragon fire instead of Luck Lanterns and they prepared a firework show for the villagers to enjoy.


The Spring Festival is held in Huttsgalor at the beginning of Spring, celebrating good luck and prosperity for the rest of the year.


The most notable practice of the Spring Festival is the Luck Lanterns. Dozens of such lanterns are made prior to the festival itself. They are usually painted by children with different models, such as flowers and butterflies. The lanterns are then lit up and released into the sky to bring luck for planting.


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