This dragon just needs love! [src]
  — Fishlegs  

Spikeback is a Premium Catastrophic Quaken that appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk as one of Fishlegs' dragons.


Fishlegs can look past this Catastrophic Quaken's hard exterior, and see her softer side. He just has to look very, very hard.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Spikeback has a pudgy body that is deep purple in color. Unlike most Quakens that have brown or darker colors, Spikeback has glistening, crystal-like spikes that jut out of her back. She has several brown spots on her chin, wings and limbs.


  • There are giant spikes of crystals on Spikeback's stone slab in Dragons: Rise of Berk.
  • Spikeback is the only confirmed female Premium Dragon, though Flashfright and Royal Fireworm are most likely females as well.
  • Spikeback is one of the only Premium Dragon to be added to Rise of Berk before her species was made available in game, in addition to the Muddlehunt and Sleuther.



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