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Speckled Spice Pepper is a plant appearing in the seires, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


The whole plant is never seen, but it is most likely similar to real-life pepper or chilly plants. The fruit is small and orange. It is long and thin, with one of the edges being slightly thicker.


Speckled Spice Pepper is edible to dragons, specifically Piercing Shriekscales.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

After the Rescue Riders helped Grumblegard reclaim his island in "Grumblegard, Part 2", the Foreverhorn returned the favor by helping the Riders take care of dragon hatchlings. He brought a sack of plants to The Roost, containing Speckled Spice Pepper and Dunderbush. Leyla picked up a Pepper from the sack and Grumblegard explained that it was one of a Piercing Shriekscales' favorite food. To prove his point, one of the Baby Shriekscales picked it from Leyla's hand and ate it.


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