Tuffnut: "That's right, Sparks! Show Spew who's in charge!"
Hiccup: "Sparks? Spew?"
Ruffnut: "That's what we're calling our new masters!"[src]

Sparks and Spew are a male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback who first appeared in a pictorial short story called "To Tame a Titan!".

Official Description

If familiarity breeds contempt, then it's doubly true for Sparks and Spew. These two heads have spent so long together, they constantly bicker and never agree on anything. The only time Sparks and Spew do see eye-to-eye is when they make a decision by flipping a giant dragon scale like a coin!
Indecisive to the point of inaction, Sparks and Spew were nearly grounded by their quibbling — until Hiccup devised the dragon-scale-coin trick. Ever since, they have become dedicated — and grateful — protectors of Berk. Whether their flip comes up heads or tails, Sparks and Spew will always fly alongside the Dragon Riders!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Having an Argument

We need to put our heads together. Or, better yet, their heads. We wouldn't even be in this mess if they could just agree on something!
  — Hiccup  

Sparks and Spew threaten to damage Berk because the two heads cannot agree what to eat: mountain sheep or fish. Unfortunately, Berk is in the way of their argument. The story implies that Titan Wing Zipplebacks may have greater problems deciding what to do; the heads get more independent of each other. Their dilemma is solved by Ruffnut and Tuffnut. They create a 'coin' out of the Titan Zippleback's scale to flip, with waves carved on one side and a flame on the other. Sparks and Spew seem to understand this concept, and take the coin with them when they leave Berk.

Physical Appearance

A dragon blessed by Loki, no less. [src]

Sparks and Spew look very similar to the standard Hideous Zippleback. They appear to be a giant version of Barf and Belch, with little extra horns or spikes.

In Dragons: Titan Uprising, Sparks and Spew possess magenta and cyan details. Their skin is dark blue with white spots on their back, and lobs that are a gradient similar to that of a sunset. They also have black forehead horns, claws that are pitch black, and a gray nasal horn.


Hiccup: "I've never seen two Zipple heads fight like that!"
Astrid: "Yeah. Barf & Belch are always so united in their mindless destruction."
Fishlegs: "Maybe their personalities become more independent when they reach the Titan Wing stage."[src]

Sparks and Spew have different personalities, despite being a single dragon, which leads to their constant arguing and bickering. It is indicated that Sparks prefers land animals as food, while Spew prefers marine animals. They also appear to be very intelligent, as they quickly understood the purpose of the twins' coin and how to use it.

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