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I’ve heard about Songwings before, but never actually met one. They’re supposed to have very melodic voices they use to calm down anyone who might attack them. [src]

The Songwing is a large dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Songwings are large quadruped dragons, with comparatively short legs. They have a long neck and a colorful crown on their heads made of feather-like scales, much like that of a peacock. Songwings lack any horns or spikes, having a smooth appearance and a row of small purple sails on their back. They have a broad and colorful butterfly-like wingspan compared to their body size, and their tail ends with a large fin, with a model similar to that of a peacock tail.


Hypnotic Song

Similar to the Death Song and the Slithersong, Songwings can hypnotize other dragons by singing to them. But unlike the Death Song and the Slithersong, the Songwings' melodious voices are more defensive than predatory, as they use their song to calm their enemies from attacking them.

One individual named Melodia discovered that if she sang in the right key and pitch, her song could hypnotize and calm humans as well as dragons. Melodia was able to use her song to make others sing with her until she was reunited with her Songmate Cantata. Since Leyla said she never heard of a Songwing doing that before it's implied that it's the hidden ability of the dragon.

Targets will not be affected by the song of a Songwing as long as they have their ears covered. Those already hypnotized will only return to their normal selves if they hear someone singing even more beautifully or if they hear an extremely loud and obnoxious sound like that of the shrieks of a Piercing Shriekscale.

Refracting Wings

SOTSW - And sing with me.jpg

The Songwings' translucent and colorful wings can refract light that shines through them.


Songwings are unable to sing properly when they come in contact with Dragon Pepper.

Behavior and Personality

Songwings are social dragons that tend to live in pairs called Songmates. If a Songwing gets separated from its Songmate, it can fall into deep loneliness. They also use their songs to communicate and find others of their species by the pitch of their partner’s singing voice. As their name suggest, Songwings possess beautiful voices that they use to calm their enemies when threatened, or in Melodia's case can manipulate it to hypnotize other dragons or humans. Due to their civil lifestyle, Songwings are kind and gentle dragons.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

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A female Songwing named Melodia got separated from her Songmate Cantata and started to hypnotize dragons and Vikings around Huttsgalor to sing with her so that she would never feel lonely. Eventually, the Rescue Riders decided to help in reuniting her with her Songmate.



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