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Songbirds are a large group of birds that make a nominal appearance in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.


Songbirds are any bird belonging to the Suborder Passeri, and are most noted for their complex "voice box", or Syrinx. For the most part, songbirds are most known for their singing and sometimes imitation capabilities. Crows and ravens are also songbirds, though to human ears they sound harsh, but are adept mimics. Songbirds are found worldwide - even in Antarctica - in a myriad of habitats.

The bird seen in the original movie is not named, but bears a resemblance to an adult male Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis). They are one of the Northern most occurring song bird species. However, as their habitat is mostly tundra and therefore few trees, they usually build their nest on the ground, in burrows, or rock cavities.


Songbirds have no function in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise, other than as background detail.

In reality, various species are eaten, as well as their nests and eggs. Songbirds are also kept as pets.


How to Train Your Dragon

While Toothless is grounded, he looks up at the trees and notices a bird at its nest, flying. He burns a place to lay down and rests.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

When Hiccup and Dagur interogate a Chicken Feed Salesman, he mentions Heather as a "beautiful raven-haired woman".

Salesman: A short, stocky, loud-mouthed Viking here to b-buy chicken feed was with a b-beautiful raven-haired woman and the merchant they call Johann.
Dagur: Tell me more about the girl. Was her hair truly like a raven or more like a crow?


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Perhaps as homage to the small bird scene in the first movie, the Foreverwing can bring back a bird's nest after searching for the player to use toward completing Collections.

A chick of a songbird in a nest is also an item that can be found while searching with Toothless in order to complete collections during Easter.

School of Dragons

Songbirds do not appear in this game, but can be heard as background sounds on several islands, including Berk, Dragon's Edge, Zippleback Island, and the School of Dragons Island.


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