As hard-headed as his father, and yours!
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Son of Skullcrusher is a male Rumblehorn appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

This powerful, headstrong Rumblehorn was sired from the proud line of Skullcrusher and inherited his dad's valor, honor... and stubbornness. Son of Skullcrusher is well-respected on Berk, not only for his prominent lineage, but for his own merit. Stoick would have loved him, as the Academy and Berk can all plainly see.
Stubbornness runs in the family, and it sure didn't skip a generation. But Son of Skullcrusher is also loyal, helpful, and determined to live up to the proud name set by his father — and his father's current rider, Eret. Son of Skullcrusher has proven himself time and again as a tracker and one-dragon wrecking crew!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Son of Skullcrusher is a fully-grown individual of his own species who possesses a moderate crimson skin with dark heliotrope scales; the tip of his tongue also shares the same coloration. Cerulean shades nest on his axe-shaped muzzle, forelimbs, and spines, while light gamboge coloring surrounds the underside of the firm armor plates on his neck.

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