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Soft-Spoken Sam is a Viking that appeared once in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4 episode, "Midnight Scrum". It is unknown from what location or tribe Soft-Spoken Sam was traveling from.


Attending Berk's 400-Year Anniversary

Soft-Spoken Sam, along with his brothers, Whispering Waldo and Mute Marvin sailed a long way to join their nephew, Silent Sven on Berk to celebrate Berk's 400th Anniversary. At this time Hiccup also had a bounty on his head, placed by Viggo Grimborn or the Dragon Hunters. With this weighing heavily on his mind, Hiccup mistook the "ship-lagged" uncles to be bounty hunters after him. Sven corrects his mistake, and Hiccup awkwardly welcomes Sven's family to Berk.

Physical Appearance

Soft-Spoken Sam has a dark blonde handlebar mustache similar to Sven's. In fact his whole appearance is very close to Sven's appearance and build. At the Anniversary celebration, Sam wears a simple slate blue tunic and a basic horned helmet.


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