The Snow Wraith Pack is a group of three Snow Wraiths that originated from Glacier Island but were later relocated to a different island. They were the only Snow Wraiths on Glacier Island before they were relocated. They appeared in the episode "Snow Way Out", and one individual appeared in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2".

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 1

Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2

The Dragon Riders came to Glacier Island to find a tooth from a Snow Wraith, which was the key to unlocking the Dragon Eye. One Snow Wraith, Gothi's Frostfright first appeared during a blizzard that hit, using the weather and its abilities to strike at the group. With what he observed from the attack, Hiccup realized the Snow Wraith could only see body heat since it didn't attack Snotlout when he was buried in the snow or Gothi the she fell into a snowbank in the past. 

The gang set up decoys to trick Frostfright by setting dummies on fire, to recreate body heat. It appeared to work, until Snotlout accidentally had Hookfang trap them in a cave. Hiccup and Toothless alone made it out, leaving them exposed. The two tried conceal themselves in the fires, but this did not work; Frostfright was able to tell which targets were real. Gothi, after getting out of the cave, used her staff to attack the dragon, but it quickly flung her aside. The other dragons surrounded the Snow Wraith, causing it to take off. However, one of its teeth was embedded in Gothi's staff, allowing the mission to be a success.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

Snow Way Out

The Dragon Riders encountered the Snow Wraiths of the Snow Wraith pack in an ice cave after they were trapped by the Dragon Hunters. When Tuffnut accidentally woke them up, the Dragon Riders did their best in holding their ground against the pack. The Snow Wraiths started flanking them by burrowing in and out the cave's walls and firing blasts at them. Toothless managed to hit and stun one of the Snow Wraiths, but the others carried it to safety and burrowed out of the cave through the ice.

Ryker Grimborn and the Dragon Hunters managed to capture the Snow Wraiths, but the Dragon Riders came to their rescue, and they relocated them to a safer place in another island.

Physical Appearance

These Snow Wraiths have typical white Snow Wraith appearance.


According to Dragons: Rise of Berk, the three are siblings. They are shown to care for one another, as they retreated after one of them was shot down.


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