Like Snotlout, Hookfang possesses an aggressive, stubborn and somewhat narcissistic personality. Their tendencies to show off how tough they are, make the two of them highly compatible. Despite their hot-headed and belligerent personalities, the two of them are a formidable duo.
  — School of Dragons Game Guide[1]  

Although it might not seem like it, Snotlout and Hookfang's Relationship is a strong bond between the dragon and his rider.

How to Train Your Dragon

While Snotlout was learning how to kill dragons, he and Hookfang were rivals. It wasn’t until Hiccup convinced Snotlout and his classmates that dragons could be trained that the two of them formed an unlikely alliance. They first rode into battle as a team to help Hiccup and Toothless defeat the Red Death. Since then, they have formed a strong (and slightly antagonistic) bond.[1]

At first, Snotlout was interested in killing Hookfang, because Hookfang was the dragon who would get to be killed by the leading Person in Dragon Training. However, once Hiccup tried training Hookfang again, he seemed nervous. He even bent down and picked up a broken weapon, until Astrid nudged him to put it down. Hiccup then grabbed Snotlout's hand and placed it on Hookfang's snout. After realizing that Snotlout wouldn't hurt him, Hookfang bonded with Snotlout.

Later Snotlout is seen riding on Hookfang when battling the Red Death. He was riding him until Hookfang got disoriented and knocked Snotlout into the Red Death. In the end, Snotlout was riding on Hookfang leading a few other people on dragons. They were also seen in the final part riding with the rest of the group.


Gift of the Night Fury

There aren't many moments between Snotlout and Hookfang in this short film, but it's evident how much Snotlout misses his dragon when Hookfang, along with the rest of the dragons, leaves Berk to breed on The Berkery.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Dragons: Riders of Berk


Snotlout and Hookfang's close relationship is demonstrated when Hookfang's life is in danger in "Viking for Hire". Hookfang begins to act erratically, posing a danger to Berk. Stoick calls upon Gobber to kill him. Snotlout swallows his pride and asks Hiccup for help, and is genuinely distraught at the thought of losing Hookfang. Ultimately Hiccup and Gobber discover that Hookfang had a bad tooth that was causing him pain. Its removal relieved him and his behavior returned to normal. Snotlout joyously hugs Hookfang's head and immediately reverted to a 'tough guy' demeanor when he realized everyone was watching. Hookfang appeared to understand this change and he huffed and moved away.


Saying good-bye in "In Dragons We Trust"

In "In Dragons We Trust", Snotlout practices trust exercises and intentionally falls off of Hookfang so that the dragon can catch him. Hookfang doesn't even notice Snotlout fell off until the others point it out, showing a lack of awareness between the two. Hookfang finally catches Snotlout, but both crash into Mildew's House as a result. Snotlout also admits he is not able to control Hookfang when he is upset. When bidding farewell, Snotlout and Hookfang share a brief moment of affection, but Hookfang quickly breaks the moment to chase after a seagull that flies by.

Hookfang demonstrates the ease to which he gets distracted over his Rider's call for help in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man". Snotlout pulls out a brick from a puzzle wall, causing the wall to shake and nearly fall apart. He calls for Hookfang to help him push it back in, but Hookfang is distracted by a leaf fluttering by. When his attention is back on track though, Hookfang helps him push the brick back in, averting disaster.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

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Dragons: Race to the Edge

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

The film didn't focus much on the relationship between Snotlout and Hookfang, but it is evident that the dragon and his rider has been building up their relationship these past few years. On one scene of the movie where Drago tied up the rider's dragons, he immediately approached Hookfang first and with Drago yelling and screaming, and with Hookfang not able to do anything with it, the dragon immediately feared the vicious man, and it was clear that Snotlout was affected the most, especially when Drago stepped on Hookfang's snout without any mercy, Snotlout was on the verge of tears. This clearly indicates how much the rider has grown to love his dragon, even if at some scenes in the movie and episodes, the two clearly don't show their love and often fights a lot.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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Dragon Down

The Serpent's Heir


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You're not just another sword, Hookfang. [src]


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