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Fishlegs: "You know there is a chance he got caught in that storm. It's pretty brutal out there."
Ruffnut: "Of course, he got caught in the storm. He's Snotlout. The only question is do we-"
Hiccup: "You know the answer to that question, and it's yes."

"Snotlout's Angels" is the fourth episode Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5. It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2017.


When Snotlout crashes on a mysterious island he comes face-to-face with the Wingmaidens and must rely on Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut to rescue him.
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Astrid angrily scolds Snotlout for using her own axe to clean Hookfang's claws. Outside, the Riders listen in their fighting while Heather wonders if it will end soon as she wishes to send her goodbyes before returning to Beserker island. Astrid leaves Snotlout's hut but heads straight for her hut in search of a weapon after Snotlout said something to her that went too far. When Hiccup and the Twins learn of this, Snotlout's only option for him is to leave the Edge before Astrid returns. As Hookfang flies through the ocean under the night sky, Snotlout rants that Astrid was just being so sensitive. A thunderstorm forms above them. Snotlout boldly defies the raging storm around them until lightning strikes his helmet, forcing him off of Hookfang and falling into the ocean. Hookfang swoops in to rescue, but Snotlout has already been taken by strange winged humans.Meanwhile, the rest of the riders, especially Astrid, enjoy their time eating dinner until Hiccup expresses his worry of Snotlout's safety. They all know that Snotlout got caught up in the violent thunderstorm but express their lack of care to rescue him. Nevertheless, Hiccup orders the Riders to begin their search for him.

Snotlout awakens in an unknown shelter surrounded by viking women. He initially believes to have died and is now in Valhalla but the women's leader, Atali, arrives and reveals that he was rescued by her Wingmaidens. Atali provides Snotlout medicinal care but Snotlout begins to treat the women with a lack of manners and respect. Despite Snotlout's continuous ignorance to discipline himself better, Atali continues to provide for Snotlout with lavish feasts and company. She even invites Snotlout for an evening celebration known as the "Feast of Freya" where Wingmaidens are preparing a large bowl of sacred stew. When Atali tries to give a reason as to why she can't reveal to him what makes the stew "sacred", Snotlout jokingly guesses it would mean his death, to which Atali affirms. Snotlout then begins to deduce that they plan to make him the main ingredient for their stew. Horrified, Snotlout runs away but not before hearing Atali warning him that there is no escape in Wingmaiden Island. Snotlout runs into the forest still believing that he's being treated unfairly but soon encounters the wing maidens. They corner him to a cliff edge and before they could capture him, Snotlout risks diving into the river below and survives, thinking to have escaped the wingmaidens. To his shock, the wing maidens dive straight for him as well and he tries to swim away. Snotlout gets lifted into the air by Atali who appears to have wings of her own. Snotlout cries out for help as the wingmaidens take him away.

The Riders struggle to find any sign of Snotlout in the raging thunderstorm but they eventually encounter a distressed Hookfang, signalling the riders to follow him. Hookfang relentlessly flies throughout the night despite the riders beginning to feel exhausted. Hiccup and Fishlegs lead in following behind, but Hookfang suddenly veers backwards after being scared away. Wing maidens emerge shortly from the clouds and spot their presence before disappearing. Hiccup and Fishlegs are in disbelief as to what they saw but the Twins seem to have seen the same flying women as well. The Riders settle at a distant spot to where they could spy on Wingmaiden island, and are shocked as it confirms that the flying women were real and are the sole inhabitants of the island. They discover the tribe having Snotlout captive and being brought inside a cave. Astrid plans for an infiltration by having herself, Heather, and Ruffnut enter the island only since it is only populated by women. Heather suggests they all ride in her Razorwhip dragon, Windshear, as the wings attached to the wing maidens are somehow similar to Windshear's.

As the three women head for the island, Atali emerges underneath the clouds and expresses her awe and interest in Heather's razorwhip. Atali greets them in open arms and inquires of how they came to their island. Astrid conjures up a fake story about them being lost from the brutal thunderstorm last night. Atali generously grants them access to their island to take shelter and maliciously mentions sacred stew as their meal for tonight. Atali explains as to why men are banned from their island by vaguely reasoning that their purpose here is beyond the comprehension of man nor is it beneficial for them to help; she leaves Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut to tour their village while she rejoins her sisters for their ongoing work. Astrid volunteers to head for the cave where Snotlout is kept alone, while Heather and Ruffnut keep Atali distracted. Astrid finds a sleeping Snotlout dangling upside-down as a long metal chain from the cave's ceiling is cuffed to his leg. When she wakes Snotlout up, he is initially glad that she came to his rescue but is confused since Astrid hated him. Astrid explains that while Snotlout greatly irritates her she doesn't hate him as he is still part of the group. Astrid then asks Snotlout what he did that angered the wing maidens. Snotlout continues to downplay his disrespectful attitude until Astrid begins to walk away, finally confessing that he still falls short toward respecting women but will work hard to improve himself. Satisfied, Astrid hands him the key that would unlock the chain while instructing Snotlout to head north to meet up with the male riders. Snotlout leaves immediately without properly thanking Astrid for her help.

Astrid rejoins Heather and Ruffnut and informs them of successfully freeing Snotlout and decides that they leave now. However, Atali overhears their plan for departure and is upset as she wished to invite them to be able to witness the birth of newborn dragons. The three are confused until Atali shows her backside and reveals that the wings helping them fly are actually from newborn razorwhips. Atali takes them to a razorwhip nursery, where the newborns are left without the care of their mothers. Heather accuses the wing maidens of separation but Atali denies this by explaining that the real mission of the wing maidens is to protect the razorwhip species. Atali reveals that their tribe was formed a thousand years ago when the razorwhips were in the brink of extinction and that the goddess Freya, entrusted the wingmaidens to protect the blind newborns from adult male razorwhips as they are known to feed on them. This explains why Windshear was so trusting of Heather during the first time they met, as her dragon originated here under their care until Windshear was old enough to live on her own. Ruffnut blurts out what they initially thought of the wing maidens as to be hostile and cannibalistic toward male humans. Atali realizes they are referring to Snotlout and understands their misjudgement as it was only a ruse due to Snotlout's intolerant behavior. Suddenly, they are informed of his escape. Astrid reveals she was responsible and that he told Snotlout to head north. But Atali recognizes the danger he is in since that direction is where the razorwhip mothers nest and that the real reason male humans are banned, is because the mothers are aggressive against any male presence they encounter. Astrid, along with the wing maidens, hurry to rejoin Hiccup and inform him of Snotlout's situation.

Snotlout sprints across the forest, disturbing resting female razorwhips hanging from the trees. They immediately begin attacking him, all the while Snotlout keeps avoiding the wing maidens nearby, thinking they still plan to recapture him. Snotlout resorts to hiding inside a tree stump but as he voices his frustrations, the razorwhips pinpoint where he is and destroys the tree stump, causing him to shriek loudly that the echoes are heard by Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut. Just as several razorwhips encircle him, Astrid has Stormfly swoop in and carry Snotlout away. The razorwhips pursue them still, and one manages to grab hold of Snotlout's foot. Hiccup and Toothless tries to assist but other razorwhips block him from doing so. Both Stormfly and the razorwhip lose their grip on Snotlout and he plummets. Fortunately, Hookfang zeroes in and saves Snotlout just in time.

Astrid and Snotlout before raising their glasses

At night, the Riders join with the wing maidens at a campfire. Snotlout apologizes for how he misbehaved to Astrid and strives to learn from his mistakes on disrespecting women. Atali holds a toast for their newfound alliance with the riders from Dragon's Edge whom all are to be always welcomed in Wingmaiden island, for the lessons they brought about tolerance and acceptance. and the end of the razorwhips' nesting season. Snotlout and Astrid raise their glasses to Atali's speech.


  • When Snotlout woke up in the presence of beautiful women and thought he was in Valhalla, it's suggested that he thought they were Valkyries.
  • The all-female tribe of warrior women might be a reference to the Bog-Burglar Tribe in the book series. If so, the leader Atali could be a parallel of Camicazi or Big-Boobied Bertha.
  • The Wingmaidens are the second group/society that is entirely dedicated to the protection and preservation of dragon(s).





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