The Snoggletog Wraith is a subspecies of the Woolly Howl that appears only on Snoggletog eve.

Official Description

The rarest of the Woolly Howl breed, this Dragon only appears on the eve of Snoggletog. According to legend, sighting one guarantees a snowy festive day.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

The Snoggletog Wraith is covered in white scales, which from a distance looks like fur. Its wings and tail fins are green in color with specks of white, resembling snow. While its tongue, claws and eye color are blue. Its neck, front legs and tail are covered by unique red and yellow patterns, the one on the neck resembling a jester collar while those on the legs resemble gauntlets. A red colored pattern that covers its tail fins resembles a red ribbon. It is unknown whether these are decorations it is dressed in or its actual skin.


  • Though it only appears on Berk's Snoggletog Eve, it might appear in different areas, since Snoggletog is a festival only for the Vikings of Berk; in other words, we have no idea where it is the other 364 days a year.
  • The Snoggletog Wraith is the second dragon to appear in certain places annually; the first is the Flightmare.
  • One could say that the Vikings of Berk used decorations for Snoggletog that resembles the Snoggletog Wraith's unique skin colors or decorations, whatever they may be because they were inspired by them and used them for their own festival. However, this is not confirmed by the franchise.



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