The Snoggletog Dragon Tactics Gronckles are a group of Gronckles that were trained by Astrid Hofferson in order to be used as opponents in Snoggletog-themed Dragon Tactics courses.


Used in Themed Dragon Tactics Courses

At some point before the events of School of Dragons, these Gronckles were trained and began to live on Berk. Given their future use in Dragon Tactics, it is likely that they were trained by Astrid.

When Snoggletog arrived, Astrid planned various Dragon Tactics courses in order to bring everybody together to celebrate the holidays. In addition to the typical Dragon Tactics Dummies, Astrid utilized these Gronckles, dressed up in Snoggletog decorations, as opponents in these courses.

Physical Appearance

The Snoggletog Dragon Tactics Gronckles are typical of their species. They are all dark green in color with white spots on their wings. Due to the Snoggletog theme of the Dragon Tactics courses in which they appear, the Gronckles all wear red bands with jingle bells on their legs and red reindeer antlers on their heads.



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