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The Snifflehunch is a medium-sized Tracker Class dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

These inquisitive Dragons don't know the meaning of personal space! They'll get as close as they can to sniff out if someone's friend or foe.
This Dragon's fire-sneeze attack will melt through anything that gets in its way!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


The Snifflehunch was created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto different dragons. It was created from the same base that was used for the Shovelhelm, Snafflefang, Thunderclaw, Windgnasher, and two other unknown dragons.

Physical Appearance


Snifflehunch Egg.png

The Snifflehunch's egg is triangular and has a row of lobes on it, going from one side to the other. It is very colorful. It's mostly green, with blue and orange spots. It has several lobs on top of it with red tips. The Snifflehunch's egg tapers towards the top.

Hatchling to Adult

Snifflehunches are typically fairly colorful dragons, mostly in yellow, orange, blue, and green. Their faces are similar to that of the Rumblehorn, though rounder and less thick. They possess a rounded horn atop their noses and a ledge under their chin. They have round spines that go from their head down to their tail and their back forms a hump shape, contributing to their name.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Snifflehunch.png

Titan Wing Snifflehunches are dark blue and purple with white spots on their backs and wings. The edges of the wings are light blue. Their wings along with the horn on their snout have sharper edges. They have lots of spines on their back as well as bigger talons on the wings. Their head is also a bit longer than before.


Sense of Smell

A dragon sniffs Toothless.gif

As Tracker Class dragons, Snifflehunches have a keen sense of smell, and the unusual ability to tell if a dragon is friend or foe via sniffing it. They are also able to detect coming bad weather and whether a dragon is tame or wild, as Scentinel demonstrates.


Snifflehunches have a 'fire sneeze' described to be able melt anything. This implies that the fire is extremely hot, but also somewhat uncontrollable.

Strength and Combat

Snifflehunches are able to carry humans on their backs and longboats that are loaded with a multitude of objects for long

Valka walks nimble among the dragons.gif

distances without showing any signs of struggle or exhaustion.

Behavior and Personality

The dragons greets their new Alpha.gif

Snifflehunches are curious and friendly dragons. They often greet new dragons and people by sniffing them in enthusiasm. Though Snifflehunches do this out of good will, occasionally, the individuals that are being sniffed can get disturbed and feel uncomfortable. This was displayed in the second film when a Snifflehunch went to sniff Toothless. Startled, Toothless growled and scared it away.


Snifflehunches are relatively easy to train, as they are calm and friendly dragons. If a person saves a Snifflehunch's life, the dragon will be forever thankful and will stay close to its savior, as it was the case with Pestbud and Valka.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Main article: Pestbud

First appearing in this movie, numerous Snifflehunches were seen in Valka's Mountain. The most notable one, perhaps, is Pestbud, an inquisitive Snifflehunch that greeted Toothless Invading his privacy, this dragon stuck his nose under Toothless' wing, startling him. Toothless returned his greeting with a growl.

All the Snifflehunches from Valka's Mountain fought viciously in the battle against Drago's Army. After Drago's Bewilderbeast defeated Valka's, all the Snifflehunches bowed to their new Alpha. After they were freed by Toothless from the Bewilderbeast's control, they fought against the giant dragon. In the aftermath, they bowed to Toothless, acknowledging him as their new Alpha.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

When the people of Berk decided to move to the Hidden World, all the Snifflehunches of the island began the journey too, carrying different things, such as ships. They eventually arrived at New Berk, where they settled down for a while.

Many wild Snifflehunches were among the myriad of dragons in the Hidden World who bowed down in front of Toothless and the Unnamed Light Fury, showing respect for their Alpha.

After Grimmel the Grisly captured Toothless, all the Snifflehunches from Berk, along with the other dragons, came to their Alpha's help. However, Toothless ordered them to stop when Grimmel threatened to kill the Light Fury.

Fortunately, the Dragon Riders began an attack on Grimmel's ships and freed the Snifflehunches, along with the other dragons, which returned to New Berk.

When the battle ended, Hiccup realised that the only way the dragons can be safe from humans was for them to go to the Hidden World. After Toothless gave the command to the dragons of Berk, all of them, including the Snifflehunches, said their farewells to the Vikings and flew off to the Hidden World.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Snifflehunch's name was first revealed in this game. Rise of Berk also two individual, Pestbud, from the second film, and Sneezlehunch.

School of Dragons

Some baby Snifflehunches are missing from the nest. We need to find them and bring them home safe.
  — "Sniff Sniff Sniff" Stable Quest  

Snifflehunches are not (yet) a playable dragon appearing in this game. However, they have been mentioned in one Stable Quest called "Sniff Sniff Sniff".


  • Snifflehunch-sail.png
    During some scenes in How to Train Your Dragon 2, a Snifflehunch is seen with what appears to be some form of sail on its back. This could imply that the Snifflehunch somehow can extend its back to create this sail-like structure.
    • Another explanation could be that it was an animation error. Multiple dragons are seen throughout the movie with similar sail-like structures on their backs where their spines should be.
    • Yet another explanation is that the dragon with a sail is a variation of the regular Snifflehunch or yet another unnamed modular dragon species.


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