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Sniffer Dragons are small useful dragons appearing in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.

Physical Appearance

Sniffer Dragons are small dragons with four legs and a pair of wings with a thin width. Most images depict a spade tail, but one image shows what appears to be a forked tail. Their major trait though, are their giant hairy nose.


Sniffer Dragons are rather ordinary dragons without much offensive or even defensive features. Sniffer dragons have a superb sense of smell.


Sniffer dragons are relatively easy to train and are not very aggressive. They are used by Vikings for tracking, and also make good family pets. They sided with the humans in the Dragon Rebellion. Their name is often shortened to "Sniffers" by the Murderous Tribe.


A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

Sniffer Dragons are used by the Murderous Tribe to track down a stolen Stealth Dragon. They also appear on an informational page.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Sniffer Dragons are mentioned in this reference book in the 'Dragon Key' table at the back of the book.



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