We need more fishing boats! They're eating EVERYTHING! [src]
  Mulch, on keeping up with Abomibumble appetites  

Sneaky Abomibumbles are a group of Abomibumbles appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Sneaky Abomibumbles have found a way to transform their legendary laziness into a battle tactic. While it might not hit hardest or fastest, this dragon can withstand enemy blows better than most. By absorbing damage, this clever Abomibumble tires out its foes before leveling them with a single tail swipe.
Almost as passive as Swamp Abomibumbles, Sneaky Abomibumbles would rather avoid combat, but can still play very helpful roles in battles. Their durable bodies are like living shields that protect Vikings from enemy fire. And once the fight is over, napping Abomibumbles make fine footrests for their weary riders!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Sneaky Abomibumbles are a representant of their species. They have lavender skin with white underbellies and forest green bumps all over their backs, inherited from the Gronckle side of the family. Like their Monstrous Nightmare forebearers, Sneaky Abomibumbles possess two pairs of short horns, which are brown in color.

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