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UG's dear little daughter, Tantrum, was about six foot two with alot of flame-red hair and green eyes. A beautiful red Snare Dragon had made a nest on her head, and she was feeding it acorns.
  How to Break a Dragon's Heart  

The Snare Dragon is written about only once, and, fortunately, has a cameo picture.

Physical Appearance

The Snare Dragon is a small creature, small enough to sit on a human head comfortably. It has a typical Western dragon appearance - a long snout, two wings, four legs, two eyes, and a line of spikes down its back. It's tail ends in a large spade. Snare Dragons come in at least a red color; it is unknown if other colors occur.

Apparently, Snare Dragons have an omnivorous diet, and are able to eat acorns.


Not much is known about training or a Snare Dragon's Disobedience rating, but they are shown to be trainable. Based on the individual seen in the Book series, they are most likely train as a Hunting or Lap dragon.


How to Break a Dragon's Heart

When the reader is first introduced to Tantrum O'Ugerly, she sports a Snare Dragon nestled in her hair.

How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Though not mentioned, the same Snare Dragon does appear again in the final book in the series, still on the same spot nestled in Tantrum's hair.


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