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Snakes are legless reptiles that are only mentioned in DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


Snakes are reptiles belonging to the Suborder Serpentes. They have no legs and are thought to have evolved from burrowing lizards. Snakes are also known for their "unhingable" jaw, which allows them to swallow prey much larger than their heads, like small mammals, birds, reptiles, eggs, and insects. Many snake species are also able to inject venom through their fangs, which can fold down in the mouth when not in use. Venom is actually modified saliva used in hunting and in defense. The potency of venom varies greatly between species from a minor irritant to deadly to humans. Sea snakes have the most deadly venom in the world.


There is no current function for the snake in DreamWorks Dragons universe, except to be used by Tuffnut as pranks.

In reality, snakes can be eaten by humans, used for their skins, and even kept as pets, such as the Ball Python and Corn Snake. Snake venom is used in medical research, as well as formulating antivenom treatment to counteract a poisonous snake bite.


Dragons: Riders of Berk


Snakes are mentioned in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man" as the Riders have to look for a rock shaped like one and as Snotlout looks up at the clouds.

Hey! That cloud looks like a snake. [src]
  Snotlout during treasure hunting  

In the episode, "Dragon Flower", Fishlegs hypothesizes that Scauldron venom might be used in the same way that snake venom is.

In a perfect world, if it eats the flowers maybe its venom can be used as an antidote, like with snakes and spiders. [src]
  Fishlegs about Scauldron venom  

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 1

When the Dragon Riders search for an island to set up a new outpost in "When Darkness Falls", they arrive on Dragon's Edge. Tuffnut believes there is something sinister lurking on the island after dark, and discusses what that might be. Ultimately, the dragon riders discover that it is the resident Night Terrors.

What if there were... snakes out there in the dark! Hm? Giant snakes? Snakes big enough to swallow a man whole and then barf out his bones? [src]
  Tuffnut trying to scare Snotlout  

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

Tuffnut is bitten by an unknown creature in "Bad Moon Rising". Ruffnut uses Snotlout to test out different animal bites.

Tuffnut: "What kind of bite is that?"
Ruffnut: "Sea snake."
Tuffnut: "Hey, aren't those things supposed to be poisonous?"
Ruffnut: "Don't think so."
"(Snotlout colapses)
Tuffnut: "Ha! Told you. Do I know my sea snakes or what?"[src]
  — Ruff and Tuff about Snotlout's bite  

In "Shock and Awe", when Fishlegs and the other riders search for a mysterious creture, Astrid asks him about what he saw.

Is it more like a giant fish? Or a big snake?
  — Astrid asking Fishlegs  

During Loki Day in "Shock and Awe", Tuffnut pranks Ruffnut by digging a hole and putting a snake inside it. After falling in it, Ruff is bitten by the snake.

Just wait 'till she sees the snake I put down there! [src]
  — Tuffnut explaining the prank to Snotlout  

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

In "No Dragon Left Behind", the Slitherwing Dragons were mistakes as snakes by Fishlegs and when the Slitherwings show there wings, Hiccup mentioned that those are not snakes.

Oh, right, -like I knew that there were giant snakes here. Those are my favorite. [src]
  — Fishlegs mistakes a Slitherwing as a snake  
Uh, by the way, those are not snakes! Those are Slitherwing dragons. [src]
  — Hiccup correcting Fishlegs  

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Griselda the Grevious called Grimmel the Grisly a snake when the latter reneged on their deal by intending to kill Toothless for himself.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

In "Treasure Riders", Waldondo del Mundo mentioned that he once lived in a snake pit for a year.


School of Dragons

An image with a snake appears in Loki's Mirage during the part Food Chain.

Snakes are mentioned in the quest "The Return of the Dreadfall". Tuffnut says that he once put a nest of snakes in Snotlout's bed.

Remember when we put the nest of snakes in his bed? He didn't even notice that they were spelling out his name!
  — Tuffnut about his prank  

Snakes are also mentioned in the quest "The Wolves Are Coming!" as a food source of the Wild Boars.

I've even see them snatching a snake or two!
  — Snotlout about the Wild Boars  

Snakes are mentioned by Hiccup in the quest "The Newest Dragon Eye Lens", which is part of the "Call of the Death Song".

That's just like a snake. They show no sign of an outer ear, but their inner ear gets a signal from their muscles, skin and bones; and thats how they "hear".

Eret mentions snakes again in the expansion Return to Dragon Island while going to Auction Island.

Looks like this storekeeper has a collection of things on sale other than Harald's trash. I bet it's a load of snake oil medicine, all meant to swindle dragon hunters out of their money.
  — Eret  

In the Hidden World Expansion, Astrid refers to Harald Forkbeard as a snake on at least two occasions.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

A metal man-made snake is an object that you can get from Trader Johann in order to complete collections.

Snakes are also mentioned in Colorcrunch's description.

In nature, colorful serpents are often the deadliest, and this flashy Thunderpede is no different. He attacks with a full spectrum of smashing power.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Rattlesnakes are mentioned in Syringaca's description.

His colorful, egg-like appendages clatter like a rattlesnake's. [src]
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Vipers are mentioned in the name of Viperswish.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

After his escape, Padraig went home and became a holy man dedicated to this peculiar deity, then returned to Erin to preach about how the three leaved shamrock is the perfect metaphor for how his god is three people in one, and how snakes are bad.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Snakes are mentioned in St. Paddy's Toothless's description.

Other Mentions

As an epithet

Ruffnut compares Gruffnut with a snake.

He just blows into town and before anyone can get too close, he slithers off like the snake that he is!
  — Ruffnut about Gruffnut  

Astrid also calls Harald Forkbeard a snake.

I should have known that we were letting a snake into our midst.
  — Astrid  

Snotlout calls Harald a snake too.

Look: there's that snake Harald, taunting us with his new victory! I'd like to send him slithering for a hole to hide in, just like we did at Berk.
  — Snotlout  

Barf and Belch

In a communication with the Entertainment News Site, Empire Online, DreamWorks Animation character designer Simon Otto, describes Barf and Belch (and by extension, the Hideous Zippleback species) as being "influenced by cobras in the way their head and tail movements are fluid and mesmerising, but they walk more like horned lizards or komodo dragons."

Monstrous Nightmare

Simon Otto states that "Nightmares also have snake-like attributes in their behavior."


According to Simon Otto, Toothless (and perhaps the Night Fury species, was inspired by multiple animals, including snakes: "His [Toothless'] personality, appearance and behavior is a mix between a horse, wombat, kangaroo, bat, snake, dog, cat, panther and a bird of prey."


This Mystery Class dragon is based off some species of venomous snakes.

Giant winged snakes with venomous scales and fangs, Slitherwings are truly the stuff of nightmares! Like regular snakes, a Slitherwing’s bright coloration indicates its venom level.



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