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He's a Slobber Smelter. They have acidic drool to help digest their food. [src]

The Slobber Smelter is a small dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


SP - The egg hatching.jpg

Slobber Smelter eggs are an oval shape similar to that of a simple chicken egg. They have a bright white base color, which is flecked and splashed with blue and red over the whole shell.

Hatchling to Adult

Young Slobber Smelters have large heads with blue-green eyes. They are bright canary yellow with blue swirl markings on their back, head, and legs. Their tails are on the shorter side and tend to curl upwards toward their backs.


Corrosive Saliva

SP - The acidic slobber hitting the wood by the nest.jpg

Slobber Smelters are able to secrete acidic saliva, which helps with food digestion. The saliva is able to melt almost anything, from hay to metal, and is one of the few ways to damage Tangle Vine, making the vine weak enough to snap easily.

They are unharmed by their slime, and appear to be able to shoot it short distances.


Slobber Smelters are able to fly or glide for a few feet just moments after hatching.


Dunderbush Leaves

Grumblegard tells the Rescue Riders that no Slobber Smelter can turn down the leaves of a Dunderbush, meaning that the plant could be used to trap or bribe the dragons.


They are attracted to the color yellow, which, like Dunderbush, could be used to trap the dragons.

Behavior and Personality

According to Leyla, they are very playful as juveniles. Hatchlings are attracted to anything with the color yellow on it, especially golden yellow shades. Grumblegard says that no Slobber Smelter can turn down the leaves of a Dunderbush. They also prefer Yellow-tail Pike, due to the yellow tails these fish have.


Due to their attraction to the yellow color, Slobber Smelters can be trained to do simple tasks using yellow objects at a young age.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

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Three Slobber Smelter eggs were washed away from their nest and ended up in one of Huttsgalor's forests. They were discovered by the Rescue Riders in "Home Alone", who brought them to their Roost. They took care of them and protected them from hungry Slinkwings.

One of the eggs hatched in "Slobber Power" and immediately attached to Cutter, due to his yellow color. Although the Razorwing was annoyed by the baby at first, they soon created a bond. Cutter even trained the Slobber Smelter to help his friends, who were trapped in Tangle Vine. Cutter named the baby Sizzle, just as the other two eggs hatched. The newborn Slobber Smelters quickly joined their brother and bonded with Cutter.


  • Slobber Smelters appear to have prehensile tails, but as they have never picked up anything with them, this ability is unconfirmed.
  • They also appear to be able to hold onto things extremely well, which means that they might have sticky toe-pads like geckos.

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