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Dak: Okay, are we ready?

Burple: Back burp locked and loaded.

Dak: Yeah! We might have miscalculated! Thanks, bro.

Winger: And the point of that was...?

Burple: To kill some time.

Aggro: Yeah. Waiting for those eggs in the Roost to hatch is boring.

Winger: It's nature. It'll happen when it happens.

Cutter: Well, nature better hurry up. I wanna test out my new spike sharpener Hannahr made for me. Oh, yeah.

Aggro: We're about to hatch a new batch of eggs at the Roost and all you can think about is sharpening your spikes?

Cutter: Hey, these spikes need love, too.

Leyla: Guys! Come quick! It's time.

Cutter: Finally. Sharpening time.

Dak: I thought you said the middle one was hatching.

Summer: I thought it was. It was twitching.

Burple: I'm so anxious I'm not even hungry. Okay, maybe a little.

Aggro: Well, it's not doing anything now. It's just sitting there. Like an egg.

Cutter: Everyone knows a watched egg never hatches. Pointy perfection. Now it's on to the spikes.

Leyla: I guess they're not quite ready yet. Sorry for the false alarm.

Winger: That's okay, Leyla. We're all excited about the new hatchlings.

Cutter: Oh, yeah. Totally fired up. Can't wait.

Burple: I want the one on the left.

Summer: Uh, I don't think that's quite how it works, Burp. We don't get to pick the babies. They'll choose one of us.

Leyla: Summer's right. It's called imprinting. When the eggs hatch the babies will instantly look for someone to be their protector and role model.

Summer: But since there's no mom or dad here for them they'll imprint on one of us instead.

Leyla: It's a huge responsibility.

Burple: Uh, maybe I'm not ready to be a role model. Sometimes I still forget to wash my tail.

Dak and Winger: Ew.

Aggro: And I'm just a kid. I have most of my youth ahead of me.

Cutter: Did someone say responsibility? I'm out.

Summer: Don't worry, guys, I'm sure the babies will pick me.

Leyla: You know, they don't have to bond with a dragon, Sum. If they choose me, I'll teach them everything in my Dragon Diary.

Summer: But you can't teach them how to do this.

Leyla: Maybe they're flightless dragons, like Sea Gronckles.

Summer: That's true, but Sea Gronckles swim. I'm the best swimmer.

Winger: Hey, you two, this isn't a competition.

Leyla: Yeah, you're right. Whoever they pick will be great.

Summer: I agree. They'll make the right decision. We dragons have very good instincts.

Winger: While you two wait for the eggs to hatch, we'll fly down to Huttsgalor and get supplies. You coming, Cut?

Cutter: And leave myself half sharpened? Think of the embarrassment. I'd never ever live it down.

Dak: I think the baby dragons are gonna pick Leyla. She'll be perfect.

Aggro: I'm going with Summer. She has more dragon experience since she's actually a dragon.

Burple: I don't know. They're both such great choices. Could be Leyla. Then again, Summer knows a lot. Or...

Winger: Elbone!

Dak, Aggro and Cutter: Elbone?

Aggro: Somehow I don't think he's the right man for the job.

Winger: No. Look.

Dak: What's he up to now? Hey, Elbone. Let me guess, you're starting a new dirt-selling business?

Elbone: Great idea, Dak. But, no. I'm gonna be a petal peddler. Or a flowerist. I haven't decided on what to call me yet.

Aggro: How about "confused"?

Elbone: I'm gonna sell rare and exotic flowers for people to decorate their homes and yards. Can I put you down for some Itch Ferns?

Winger: Itch Ferns? Those sound horrible.

Burple: I'm getting itchy just thinking about them.

Elbone: I'll take those roars as a yes, and put you each down for a dozen.

Dak: All I see is dirt. Where are the flowers?

Elbone: I'm heading off to Thornbane Valley right now to find some.

Dak: Thornbane Valley? That place is totally overgrown and unexplored. Want us to come with you?

Winger: That's actually not a bad idea, Dak. We could keep him safe.

Dak: Oh, right. To keep you safe. That's totally what I meant.

Elbone: Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. And remember: If it's awesome and it blossoms, think Elbone.

Winger: I don't like it.

Burple: What? It's a catchy slogan.

Aggro: Not the song, Burp.

Dak: If we've learned anything about Elbone...

Winger: His business ideas lead to trouble.

Aggro: Pretty much.

Dak: Hey, maybe we should trail him, make sure he stays safe. He won't even know we're there.

Aggro: I like it.

Winger: Sounds like a plan. I'm sure we'll be back before the eggs hatch.

Burple: Huh? Wait a minute. Now we're going to Thornbane Valley, too?

Winger: We're the Rescue Riders, Burp. That's what we do.

Burple: No. What we do is wait for Elbone to get in trouble and then we go rescue him.

Aggro: Yes. But think of all the time we're gonna save doing it this way.

Burple: Good point.

Cutter: Mm-hm. Nothing like freshly sharpened spikes and claws. Now, what should I cut first? Uh... Leyla? Summer? Leyla! Summer? I didn't do it! It cracked on its own!

Leyla and Summer: It's happening. Huh? Aww.

Summer: Hi, little one.

Leyla: Welcome to the world.

Summer: What kind of dragon is it?

Leyla: Not sure. Cute face, yellowish scales... Doesn't really narrow it down.

Cutter: Whoa. That's what I call some sizzling spit. Can't imagine what his breath smells like.

Leyla: Wait. He's a Slobber Smelter. They have acidic drool to help digest their food. Last one I came across drooled on my diary.

Summer: Time to imprint, little guy. You hungry? Come to Summer.

Leyla: This one looks juicier. Oh, yes, it does. Yes, it does.

Cutter: Huh? Have fun with the imprinting thing. I'm out. Beat it, you slobberer. I've got stuff to do. Go on! Why is he following me?

Leyla: I don't know how to tell you this, Cutter, but...

Summer: He just imprinted on you.

Cutter: What?

Summer: You can say that again.

Cutter: What?

Leyla: He was supposed to imprint on one of us.

Cutter: Good. Take him. He's all yours.

Leyla: I wish we could, but we can't. Once a baby dragon imprints, it's for life.

Cutter: For life? Are you kidding me? I already have a life. I barely even looked at him. Why did he choose me?

Leyla: Nature works in mysterious ways.

Cutter: No. Stop right there. We have rules in this roost. I won't drool on your stuff, and you don't drool on mine. Understand? Ow! Make him stop!

Leyla: I can't. He's drooling because he wants something.

Cutter: What does he want, food?

Leyla: Come on, little guy. Have some fish.

Cutter: Try a different fish. Try something else. Try anything!

Summer: It's not the fish. You're the only one he'll trust.

Cutter: This can't be happening.

Summer: Like it or not, Cutter, you have yourself a baby dragon.

Leyla: That's right. You're his new mom.

Elbone: Scratch Itch Ferns off the list. Who knew they'd be so itchy? Wow. What do we have here? Now, there's a flower you don't see every day. Interesting scent. Sweet, yet musty. Like a sheep on a sweaty afternoon. I will call you Purple Haggis.

Aggro: How long is this gonna take? We've been out here for hours.

Winger: Considering that's the first flower he's actually picked, I'd say we're in for a long day.

Elbone: Think Elbone. Huh? Come on, Elbone, what are you worried about? They're just plants. It's not like they're gonna bite.

Aggro: That was too close.

Burple: I hope they're having an easier time with those eggs back at the Roost.

Aggro: I wonder if one has hatched yet.

Dak: If it has, I'm sure Leyla and Summer are happier than we've ever seen them.

Cutter: His name is Haggis. Haggis. He's your new daddy. Trust me, Haggis is great. Way better to imprint on. He'll teach you lots of fun stuff like, uh... Like how to baa. And who wouldn't wanna know that? You two have fun. Oh, no, now. Don't do that. No, no, no.

Leyla: You can't just pass off your responsibility, Cutter.

Summer: He picked you. He needs you. Instead of trying to ditch him, try to bond with him.

Cutter: How? It's like we don't even speak the same language.

Leyla: Slobber Smelters are playful. Play a game with him.

Cutter: A game? I guess it's better than getting drooled on. Okay. The game is catch-me-if-you-can. I run, you try to catch me. Ready? Go! Hey, he's following me! It's working! Where is he going? Not my bed! No, no, no. Forget that game. Let's try something else. Okay. Rock, Fire, Hay. Go. Hay covers rock. I win! But slobber beats everything. Okay, fine, you win. Next! So, the trick is to knock one of the rocks out of the ring like this. Well, that's another way to play it. Next! Hmm. Ha! Your turn. Next! Next!

Leyla: Where's the baby?

Cutter: We're playing hide-and-seek.

Leyla: Does he know that?

Cutter: Fine. I'll go find him. My sharpener! That's the last straw!

Leyla: How's it going in here, Cutter?

Cutter: Everything's great. Doesn't everything look great?

Summer: Good to hear. We're gonna get some more fish. He has quite an appetite.

Cutter: What? No. I didn't really mean it was going great. You know what? I bet I know something you'll really enjoy. Nap time, in your favorite hay bed. Knock yourself out. I'll come back to wake you up later. Much later.

Elbone: That's probably enough flower-hunting for today. I'm getting pretty tired.

Burple: That makes two of us.

Dak: Looks like he's about to leave. Finally.

Winger: And he didn't get into any trouble. This rescue went so well we didn't have to do any rescuing.

Elbone: Wait.

Dak: Hold that thought, Wing. Come on.

Elbone: What a spectacular specimen! I wish Rocky was here to see this. I'll call it the Elbone Moonflower. Wait, that might make the sunflower feel bad. How about I call you...?

Dak: Tangle Vines!

Elbone: That's a horrible name. No one will buy them if I name it that. Hey, have you been following me this whole time?

Aggro, Dak, and Winger: No.

Dak: This valley can be dangerous. We just wanted to make sure you didn't need any help.

Elbone: Help? Picking flowers? I can pick a flower better than anyone. Nobody knows flowers better than me. I pick the best flowers, believe me.

Dak: No! Don't touch it!

Elbone: Uh...

Winger: Grab him!

Dak: Try to shake loose.

Burple: I can't. It's too strong.

Winger: I'll blast us out!

Dak: Maybe don't do that again. These are Tangle Vines, the strongest plant in the world. Your blasts only make them tighten more.

Aggro: Maybe I can... squeeze out. Watch out, I'll fire-blast you out.

Winger: No, Aggro, if my power blast didn't work, your fire will only make it worse.

Dak: We need Cutter. He's probably been sharpening his spikes all day. I'd bet he could cut us loose.

Aggro: Okay. I'll be back. Hold tight.

Burple: Do we have a choice?

Cutter: This is why we can't have nice things.

Aggro: Cutter, we need you!

Cutter: Get in line.

Aggro: No. For real! We followed Elbone into Thornbane Valley. And now Dak, Winger, and Burple are caught in Tangle Vines.

Cutter: Tangle Vines? Those are super dangerous.

Aggro: Tell me about it. Come on, you have to cut them loose.

Cutter: Wait. Can't leave the little slobberer here all alone. I'll be right back.

Aggro: Little slobberer?

Cutter: One of the eggs hatched while you were gone.

Aggro: Really? That's fantastic!

Cutter: Oh, is it? He thinks I'm his mom.

Aggro: Good one, Cutter. Wait. You're not joking?

Cutter: Nope. Okay, nap's over. Time for a lesson in rescue riding... Uh-oh.

Elbone: Let me say for the record, that blossom is not awesome.

Burple: I'm losing feeling in my third stomach.

Dak: Don't worry, I'm sure Cutter and Aggro will be here any minute. Any minute now. Any minute now.

Cutter: Baby dragon! Baby dragon!

Aggro: Cutter we have to go. Remember the Tangle Vines?

Cutter: I can't leave without the baby. He could be in trouble, too. He's my responsibility.

Aggro: I can't believe the new hatchling imprinted on you of all dragons.

Cutter: What? You don't think I make a good role model?

Aggro: Well, you did lose the baby.

Cutter: You don't think something happened to him, do you? Wolves? Eels? He's so small and helpless.

Aggro: Okay, calm down. What do you know about him that might help us?

Cutter: I don't know. He likes to drool on my stuff.

Aggro: Okay. Not helpful. We already checked your hay bed and your new golden spike sharpener.

Cutter: That's it! My hay bed and my golden spike sharpener. They're yellow.

Aggro: You're kind of yellow, too.

Cutter: Exactly. Bet that's why he imprinted on me in the first place.

Aggro: What else is yellow?

Cutter: Yellow-tailed pike. Little slobberer? Yes! I knew it! Okay, okay. I got you. Don't you ever sneak off like that again. You hear me? I was worried. I mean, not worried. More like slightly concerned.

Aggro: Aw. That's cute. Can we go save our friends now?

Cutter: Right. Time to watch big bro be a hero.

Dak: I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on.

Cutter: Have no fear, Cutter is here.

Burple: Is that...?

Cutter: Yeah. A baby Slobber Smelter.

Aggro: Cutter's a mommy now.

Dak: Explain later. Cut now!

Cutter: Say hello to my spikey tail!

Aggro: Cutter? Come back! Cutter!

Burple: Help us.

Cutter: I can't. I'm not strong enough. Burple, give me a fish!

Burple: What makes you think I have a fish?

Cutter: You always have a fish. Thanks, but do you have a yellow-tailed pike?

Burple: Wow. That's kind of specific.

Cutter: Hm. Thanks. Okay, little bro, do what you do best. Come get the fish!

Dak: Yeah!

Elbone: Huh?

Cutter: You did it! I'm so proud of you.

Dak: Let's get out of here.

Cutter: We're not so different, you and me. I cut through stuff with spikes, you cut through stuff with spit.

Elbone: Wait! Go back! I see some rare red ragweed.

Dak: I suggest stick to daisies, Elbone. Easy to find, and they don't try to eat you.

Elbone: Good tip, Dak. I can't wait to start selling my awesome blossoms.

Duggard: Ah, Elbone. How's the new business venture?

Elbone: Could be better. Could be worse. Mostly could be better. I haven't sold anything yet.

Duggard: I think I like this one.

Elbone: Great. I'll wrap it up.

Duggard: Or maybe this one is more my style.

Elbone: That one is nice, too.

Duggard: Oh, wait just a minute. This one feels like the flower of a chief.

Elbone: Ah. The Purple Haggis. Fresh from Thornbane Valley.

Duggard: I'll take it.

Elbone: Yes! My first sale! And my last sale.

Summer: Whoa.

Leyla: Looks, like you two really bonded while we were gone.

Cutter: I told you guys. I'm a role model now. I totally got this. Don't I, Sizzle?

Burple: Sizzle?

Cutter: Yeah. He needs a name, right? And he looks like a Sizzle. Don't you?

Aggro: What are you gonna name the other two?

Cutter: Other two?

Leyla, Summer and Burple: Aw.

Aggro: Aw.

Cutter: Huh? Uh-oh. Wait. Wait. Sizzle, help! Wait! That tickles. Oh, that burns.

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