Slitherwing Island is the island home of the Slitherwings, which appears in the episode "No Dragon Left Behind".

Official Description

A viper pit of no return, Slitherwing Island has no other inhabitants —they’ve already been hunted to extinction!
Although seemingly peaceful on its surface, Slitherwing Island is actually home to a vast, coiling nest of the venomous dragons. The Slitherwings have tunneled dens throughout the island and strike at any travelers unfortunate enough to arrive upon their shores. Alluringly tropical yet appallingly toxic, Slitherwing Island is a place best viewed from a distance.
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It possess a very similar climate and vegetation to Melody Island. Nice canyon walls to hold in the sound. No visible hostile species.
  — Fishlegs  

Slitherwing Island is has rocky terrain with cave systems and placid pools. There are forested areas that appear to be deciduous-type trees, but the episode, "No Dragon Left Behind indicates there are pine trees as well. In addition to trees there is an unnamed type of fruit growing on very short tree-like shrubs, resembling lemons.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

In the episode, "No Dragon Left Behind", the Dragon Riders try to relocate Garffiljorg from Dragon's Edge, due to his predatory instincts. On the outset, Slitherwing Island seems well suited for the dragon. However, Garff and the Riders soon find out the island is home of the poisonous Slitherwing dragons.

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