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The Slithersong is a large Mystery Class dragon and a close relative of the Death Song that first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

This dragon will lure you in with it's enchanting melody, then immobilize you with a ferocious strike.
The Slithersong shoots its opponents with an amber attack that will harden and leave them unable to move.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
Joining from the ship graveyard, the SLITHERSONG is here to bring Vikings all kinds of chills with its melodious song. Piggybacking on Trader Johann's escape boat, it's eggs are now available for Vikings like you to try your hand at training a dragon deemed impossible to train.
So how did Trader Johann end up tangoing with this Mystery Class dragon? It was when he was sailing at night and found himself entranced by the sound of its alluring chant. It wasn't long until he suddenly finds himself in the ship graveyard, with parts of his beloved boat encased in hard amber cocoon! Luckily for him, he quickly realized that the dragon was instead interested in the giant eels trying to sink his ship.
Grateful for the fortunate distraction, now Johann had to decide whether to abandon his ship entirely or not. That was when a rogue dragon rider came swooping in with a solution: a smaller boat for the friendly trader to escape with at least some premium crates! At the time, though, he didn't realize that he would be leaving with some stowaway Slithersong eggs.
It was thanks to this encounter, however, that Trader Johann could present a new dragon for his favorite Vikings to train! Although extremely solitary like the Death Song, Johann believes that you'll find this dragon to be a worthy companion while you're on your adventures.
Whether you're earning fame on the racing track or defending the Training Grounds with your fellow clanmates against an intruding ship, the Slithersong is here to stay! Do you have what it takes to bring this dragon under your fold? Stop by the Trading Post to pick up an egg today!
  School of Dragons  

Physical Appearance


Slithersong egg.jpeg

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the eggs of Slithersongs are blue oval-shaped eggs. They have a colorful core and a translucent white covering over it. They appear to have wavy, yellow, curved stripes on it and some spots, similar to some butterfly wings.

Hatchling to Adult

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the Slithersong appears to have no differences from the Death Song other than its coloration; whereas, in School of Dragons, the Slithersong has some clear distinct features.

As it appeared in School of Dragons, the Slithersong had proportionally smaller wings and flaps them much faster. The pattern on the wings is also different from the Death Song, the lower jaw is wider, there are characteristic dark spots around the eye, and the main body is completely blue while the patterns and stripes are black. The legs are thinner and the spines on the back are bigger and thicker as well. Also, in the game, this dragon's movement pattern is very different from the Death Song.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Slithersong.png

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, Titan Wing Slithersongs possess a gray body with an orange head. Their wings have four main colors: red, orange, pink, and blue. The horns on the heads are larger, as well as the lower jaw. The fins on their tails are bigger and are now orange with red stripes.



The Slithersong uses a siren-like song to lure its prey to it.


The Slithersong is one of the possible best dragons for hunting prey, for they use their siren-like song to lure their prey to trap their prey easily, as the prey is unable to break free.


After striking its prey, the Slithersong covers it in an amber-like substance which traps and preserves victims as it hardens into a stiff amber cocoon. This cocoon is so strong, it is only penetrable by flames. Afterwards, the Slithersong returns to finish its prey off. It does this by breaking the prey out of the amber and then eating them.

Speed and Agility

The Slithersong is much faster and more agile than its larger relative, enabling it to make quick, sharp turns with ease.


One individual, Dazzlesing, appears to be able to blind prey with its "bright, glittering colors", so it is possible that other Slithersongs could do this as well.

Maddening Sound

Some Slithersong individuals, such as Necronomodon, are able to generate a 'thin, monotonous whine' that produces a state of temporary madness in the victim, causing them great disorientation and delusion. This enables the Slithersong to descend on its prey and feast on them without much of a struggle.

Behavior and Personality

Like the Death Song, the Slithersong is solitary, which is mostly due to the fact that it eats other dragons.


Not much is mentioned about training the Slithersong, apart from the fact that it is incredibly hard to do so, deemed 'impossible' and only for the most elite of trainers.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Slithersong first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk as a species, with the Death Song being an exclusive Slithersong. This caused plenty of confusion among fans and the media.

School of Dragons

After this dragon's release in Dragons: Rise of Berk, the Slithersong arrived in School of Dragons, where it was revealed to be its own species separate from the Death Song, despite the two still being closely related.



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