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Green slime! That's it! We're up against a Slinkwing. They have chameleon-like powers to blend into the background. [src]

The Slinkwing is a medium-sized dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


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According to Leyla's Dragon Diary, Slinkwing's eggs are green. They also appear to have a dimpled texture on the shell from the Diary image, or perhaps a slime coating to serve as protection.

Hatchling to Adult

Baby Slinkwings are like adults but smaller, with tiny horns and shorter necks.

Adult Slinkwings are quadrupedal dragons colored in a single shade of grey The grey shade can vary from dark to light. Some individuals may have green and purple iridescence on their scales. They have a single row of uniform spines running from the top of the neck to the end of the tail. Additionally they have two Cattle-like horns on their heads, but only on the males. Slinkwings also have vivid red eyes and short tendrils on their chins.



Slinkwing slime

Instead of breathing fire, Slinkwings shoot a bright green slime. They can to produce copious amounts of it with a high shot limit, shortly after they hatch. It is very sticky and can gunk up both living and inanimate things.

The slime is not able to stick well on wet or damp surfaces, however. As seen in "Home Alone", their slime will slide right off of them, just like it will for Fastfins.

The slime will eventually harden, as seen in "Crash Course", "Grumblegard, Part 2", and "Bad Egg". The slime can be shattered in this hardened form, but once it has hardened, water will not wash it away as it does for normal slime. In "Game of Horns", the slime hardens quicker when mixed with liquid Belzium.

On Hazard Island, there is some type of plant that will strengthen Slinkwing slime, making it harden faster and stronger.


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Slinkwings have the ability to camouflage so well to their environment, that they are, for all intents and purposes, invisible. This allows them to move around undetected, or throw things at their enemies, making it look like a ghost is throwing things.


Aquatic Dragons and Water

Aquatic dragons are immune to Slinkwing slime, and water will wash their slime right off before it hardens.

Limited Slime

Despite their high limit shot, their slime isn't endless and must charge, according to Snoop, by using a special plant called gloopberries. When kept away, they can't produce any slime, leaving them defenseless.

Red Crystals

Like all dragons, their powers will be cancelled when they are close to a Red Crystal, which results in an inability to camouflage.

Behavior and Personality

Slinkwings are sneaky dragons who mainly steal their food. [src]

Slinkwings rely on stealth and subterfuge to feed, rather than expending energy outright hunting. As such, they eat what they can get and have a variable diet. They are known to eat human produce such as pumpkins, other Dragon Eggs, and even insects if necessary.

Though the legend of the 'Phantom Fang' appears to be based on a single Slinkwing individual, they appear to form small groups or packs of mixed gender, with a single alpha or group leader.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

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A Slinkwing called the Phantom Fang causes destruction in Huttsgalor and scares its residents in "Boo to You". The story of the Phantom Fang is told by Marena, and at first not many believe her. Burple finally faces his fear and devises a way to reveal Phantom Fang and drive him away.

Slinkwing slime saved from Hoogenboo is used in "Bad Egg" to seal Magnus Finke inside a false dragon egg.

In addition to Lurke, two other Slinkwing characters appear in "Home Alone". Both are subservient to Lurke and form a small group. One is Lurke's cousin, Snoop, and the other is a female named Vizza.

Season 3

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  • The Slinkwing's ability to camouflage is similar to that of the Changewing.

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