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Slender Green Triple Strykes are a group of Triple Strykes that appear in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Slender Green Triple Strykes are color coded to blend in with their habitat. They are a small, but powerful species. Their potent venom makes the Slender Green Triple Stryke one of the most lethal Dragon species in the world. Usually, in nature, dangerously poisonous creatures have evolved shy, retiring personalities, whose deadliness is only revealed when they are cornered or enraged. This is not the case with Slender Green Triple Strykes, who are both quick to anger and extremely territorial. Anyone entering their habitat had better have a potent antivenom at hand or run the risk of never returning to their families. The unwary intruder may first experience a feeling as though they are being watched. It is easy to shrug off such feelings if nothing reveals itself, but when the rattling begins, it is already too late. Before they know it, the stings will come, numbing them, sending them deep into visions of horrible monsters chasing them while they can not run, and finally, poisoning them green with the third tail’s corrupting toxin. Attempting to tame such a creature requires a lot of patience, and some pretty good armor.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Slender Green Triple Strykes are light grey with bright lime underbellies and patterns. They have orange-yellow eyes.

In-game Statistics



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