The Deathgrippers will have to forgo dinner.
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Slaughterdijk is a male Deathgripper appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Slaughterdijk plays with his food.

An unfortunate Viking wandering into this dragon's territory is unlikely to notice the danger they are in until it is too late.

The first sign of this danger is a growing feeling of impending doom. The unwitting Viking will begin looking around, sure someone is watching them, but will find no sign that the feeling is anything but their imagination. This stage of stalking may last for days before the dragon makes contact with his victim.

This first contact is rarely more than a brief introduction. The dragon will appear suddenly, making threat displays as though terrified. But this is merely a ruse to give its prey a false sense of bravery. A brief scuffle ensues before Slaughterdijk will feign injury and flee, but not before granting his victim a wound.

This wound, apparently a tiny scratch, serves two purposes — the first is to draw blood to make the victim easier to track. Deathgrippers can smell blood for up to twenty miles by flicking their forked tongues in the air. The other purpose is to inject venom into the victim's bloodstream. The dose of venom is low enough that it will not be noticed at first, but will slowly spread, paralyzing its prey. Only then does Slaughterdijk return, carrying his paralyzed prey back to his nest for a slow and horrific demise.
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Physical Appearance

Unlike standard Deathgrippers, Slaughterdijk is more monotone in color. He is a fairly uniform crimson color, which blends to a darker shade on his wings and a slightly creamier color on his underside. His wing membranes are an umber brown.

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  • dijk is the Dutch word for a dike or levee.



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