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Skywarden is a female Typhoomerang appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Skywarden is the adoptive mother of many orphaned dragons, whom she cares for as if they were her own. She watches over her growing flock — and Berk — from high in the sky. Typhoomerangs are known to be very protective of their kin, and Skywarden takes this trait to a whole new level!
Skywarden is in command of her nerves more than the average Typhoomerang. She is, however, prone to dramatic emotional responses when she feels one of her "children" (dragon or Viking) is threatened.
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Physical Appearance

Skywarden is bright orange, with yellow, light green and pale black patterns on her large wings. She has a pale red belly and a light blue neck. Her horns and spikes are black and her claws are grey. She has light blue shades on her face and yellow eyes.

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