Like most Whispering Deaths, she loves having her teeth brushed.

Sky-Pirate is a female Whispering Death appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Sky-Pirate stands out among Whispering Deaths because she feels more at home in the sky than she does underground. Although sightless, she uses her spines like whiskers to navigate the air currents and twirl through the clouds with grace.
Although she is challenging to train, like any Whispering Death, Sky-Pirate has been naturalized with Vikings during her time on Berk. Some of the younger Vikings have never encountered dragons as foes, and see little reason to fear her simply because her teeth are as big as swords.

Physical Appearance

Sky-Pirate is light pink with white patterns. She has yellow wings and spikes, as well as a yellow underbelly which turns into orange and red towards the tip of her tail.

In-game Statistics




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