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Skuld the Sorceress is a female antagonist that first appeared in the Defenders of Berk comic volume 1, titled The Endless Night.


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The Endless Night

Skuld was a potion maker who pretended to be a powerful sorceress. She then allied herself with the Thunderhead Tribe.

Physical Appearance

Skuld wears a short, light blue dress, with pink flames on the front and long sleeves. Her wide belt appears to be fur, with a few small skulls hung on it. She has blond hair, mostly loose except for two small braids in the front, and wears a dragon skull on her head. She also has a necklace, and a gray fur cloak, fastened by two brooches on her shoulders. Her legs and feet are bare, except for two cuffs on her ankles which match her belt.


  • Skuld is the first female villain in the film franchise.
  • Skuld is named after one of the Norns in Norse mythology who decide the fates of people.
  • "Skuld" means "debt" or "future" in Swedish.
  • Skuld, and the rest of the Thunderheads (except Flem) have historically accurate names.


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