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Skrill Chiller is a Premium Snow Wraith that appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk and is trained by Eret, Son of Eret.


The Vikings have heard tales of a dragon from the far north, a Snow Wraith that rides the winter winds and will fight rampaging Skrills to the last of its chilled breath.
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This dragon looks rather different from a regular Snow Wraith. It's body is glistening blue with tiny specks of white that resembles snow. It suits its habitat well and looks as if carved from a glacier. Skrill Chiller's back is lined with hard, sharp plates and a row of sharp spikes run down its tail.


The Skrill Chiller was described to be able to "ride the winter winds." If taken literally, it resembles a Skrill riding lightning. The wind may be used to boost its speed while flying similar to how Skrills boost their speed with lightning.

This dragon should be very tough and strong. It can take on Skrills, which are very powerful dragons, with its frost fusillade.


  • When placed on Berk, Skrill Chiller has a flurry over its platform.
  • Due to its hostility toward Skrills, there is a chance that Snow Wraiths and Skrills are natural enemies, like Thunderdrums and Death Songs.
  • The description of the Skrill Chiller appears to state that it is a wild dragon. However, it has been trained by Eret, Son of Eret.
  • It is unknown how Eret was able to train Skrill Chiller despite the fact that it has been stated that Snow Wraiths are impossible to train. It is possible that Snow Wraiths are just extremely hard to train, like a Skrill or a Speed Stinger.



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