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The Silver Phantom is a medium-sized Stoker Class dragon that first appeared in School of Dragons.

Official Description

Shrouded in mystery a new dragon has drifted into the grounds of School of Dragons, leaving behind the protection of the clouds!
It's quite hard to catch sight of this swift dragon, who prefers to remain at a distance from Vikings and dragons alike. Known to travel among the many clouds littering the bright blue sky, the Silver Phantom can become nearly invisible when flying.
This ghostly dragon is also considered to be one of the fastest flying dragons, as it can reach extremely high altitudes to the point where the air can start to thin. Although this may not be the safest route for a Viking, this brisk dragon is sure to be of help in any race.
Don't let this Stoker Class dragon intimidate you! While their appearance and strength can be alarming, they are quite calm and serene and can be great companions!
  School of Dragons  

Physical Appearance

Silver Phantom Egg SOD.png


The Silver Phantom egg in School of Dragons is oblong and smooth. The egg is purplish-grey, albeit with a few blemishes. It also has a consistent tessellation consisting of lighter green shapes all around.

Hatchling to Adult

The Silver Phantom resembles the Typhoomerang and Timberjack albeit with a shorter snout and longer horns, as it shares a thin neck, broad wings, and small head. This species has a row of small spines that run down its neck to the tip of its tail.

True to its namesake, this dragon's scales are purplish and silver in color, and due to the bluish glow radiating off it, the dragon appears to be 'ghostly'. Unlike most dragons, the Silver Phantom's wings have a rather unique shape. Their wing bones branch into distinct diamond-shaped lobes, completed with a thin and pointed tip.



Silver Phantoms are said to soar high above the clouds, away from humans. Their colors allow them to blend in perfectly with the sky, seemingly invisible from below.

Flying at High Altitudes

Due to the need to fly above clouds, Silver Phantoms have adapted to be able to fly at extremely high altitudes and breathe in thin air.


Silver Phantoms are said to be some of the fastest dragons in flight.


Silver Phantoms can produce lovely, lethal fire shots that explode upon impact. They are bright blue in color, indicating their high temperature.

Behavior and Personality

Silver Phantoms are elusive and mysterious, for they rarely emerge from their protection of the clouds. They are somewhat shy, as they stray away from human contact. However, they are said to be calm and serene.



School of Dragons

Originally from the Book series, the Silver Phantom was introduced into School of Dragons in December 2016.


  • The blue coloration to the Silver Phantom's fire indicates that it burns at extremely hot temperatures, which may explain its place in the Stoker Class.
  • The Silver Phantom resembles a Typhoomerang. Its head is slightly similar to the Grapple Grounder's head in Dragons: Rise of Berk and School of Dragons but with long horns on it.



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