The Silver-tailed Ironclaw is a large dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


BE - The silvertooth ironclaw eggs about to hatch

Silver-tailed Ironclaw eggs are large and slate gray in color. They have a webbing of white, scale-like patterns on their shells. The shells appear to contain some sort of metallic substance, presumably iron.

Hatchling to Adult

Baby Silver-tailed Ironclaws look very similar to baby Hideous Heatwings. They are silver in color with a large head, short body and tail, four limbs, and two horns on the back of the head with a third horn on the nose. There is darker grey striping across their backs. Hatchlings do not appear to yet have the plating that adults do.



BE - Momma Ironclaw sending a blast at Cutter

Silver-tailed Ironclaws breathe a bright sparky orangey-white flame stream, glowing white hot. This may be indicative of extremely high heat.

Iron-Bearing Scales and Claws

The scales and claws of Silver-tailed Ironclaws contain iron, making them harder and tougher. They have metallic plating on their backs, and almost chain-mail like scales on the lower portions of their bodies.



Exposure to too much water causes the Ironclaw's scales to rust. If their wings rust, they will be unable to fly.

Behavior and Personality

Silver-tailed Ironclaws stay far from water since touching it will cause their metallic body to rust. They are very hard to reason with, mainly mothers as they are very protective of their young. Ironclaws can be very stubborn.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Mama Ironclaw

Silver-tailed Ironclaws appear in the episode, "Bad Egg". A Mama Ironclaw takes a seemingly abandoned egg back to her nest to raise it with her own eggs. This orphan egg is actually a fake egg that has Magnus Finke sealed inside. The Rescue Riders attempt to remove the egg from Mama Ironclaw's nest, but she defends it and her other eggs. Later, the Rescue Riders are able to convince her that the egg is not real. Her real eggs also hatch in the mean time.

Season 2

Two baby Silver-tailed Ironclaws briefly appear in a flashback in the episode, "Summer Holiday". The Rescue Riders attempted to approach them before Finngard accidentally scared them into the Maze Caves. It is presumed that the Rescue Riders rescued them afterwards.


  • The baby Silver-tailed Ironclaw uses the same model as the baby Hideous Heatwing from "Iced Out", with the only major difference being the color of the dragons.
    • Most likely, some models and animations are re-used due to the budget constraints of a TV show.

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