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Sig the Viking is a character exclusively associated with the promotion of the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular.


Training a Dragon

Sig the Viking relates that he started Dragon Training by taking an egg from the nest of a mother Nadder in a hard-to-reach place such as a sea cave or volcano[1]. He then trains him by using the 'Viking Stare' which equates to a dominance stare, and also by finding the blind spot and sweet spots of the dragon. The baby Nadder seems to enjoy it when Sig scratches him under the chin and neck. Sig teaches 'young Vikings' (children in the audience) how to train a dragon[2].

Physical Appearance

Sig is an adult male with a small scruffy brown beard flecked with white. He wears a conical helmet with two horns, though the horn on the right has been truncated. He also has on leather arm bracers, a sort of plate-mail chest piece, plated skirt, a wide belt with a dragon belt buckle, and vertically striped trousers. Sig's boots are fur-lined.


How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Sig the Viking does not seem to appear in the actual theater production, but rather promotes it outside venues where the show is playing during the tour in the United States, along with a Deadly Nadder, played by Michael Grebe in a puppet suit. The actor, J.B. Warren, switches between a 'European'-sounding voice and American accent, possibly due to his audience.



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